Costco's New Canned Bloody Mary Has People Talking

Bloody Marys can be delicious, but sometimes, with all those ingredients, you might not be sure whether they're worth the effort to make yourself. With tomato juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, celery, vodka, and all the spices and garnishes, it's an awful lot of ingredients for one cocktail. Thanks to Costco, you can buy ready-to-drink Bloody Marys for all the flavor, all the brunch tipsiness, and none of the effort. 

Blue Marble's premixed Bloody Mary comes ready-to-drink. As @costcobuys, an Instagrammer who is "⁣on a mission to show the world how amazing @Costco is," explains in what appears to be a partnered post sponsored by the wholesaler, an eight-pack of these cocktails will cost you $19.59, which comes out to $2.45 for every can. With each 6.8-ounce can coming in at 15% ABV, it's a pretty good price for day drinking on the cheap.

"There's nothing better than the zesty taste of a Bloody Mary. But, good luck gathering all of the ingredients and having everyone complaining it's 'not to their standard,'" the product description explains (via Buster's). "We've crafted the perfect blend of ultra-premium vodka, all-natural tomato juice, and a dash of spice to please anyone's Bloody Mary needs."

The reviews speak for themselves

Last year alone, Blue Marble's Bloody Mary won seven awards (via Blue Marble). Its wins included being named the Best Premixed Cocktail at the 2019 World Premix Awards and getting a "Double Gold" award at the Wine and Spirits Wholesaler of America Spirit Tasting Competition, where it was named "Best Premixed Cocktail" (via WSWA).

It's not just the connoisseurs, either — customers love them, too. A reviewer on Total Wine & More says, "Generally I don't like pre-made Bloody Mary for obvious reasons: tomato juice is not natural and too many preservatives. However, Blue Marble did surprised [sic] me with a fresh taste of real ingredients. Love it!" Another agrees, "Best Bloody Mary: I love that it was spicy. Great taste and stroooooong!"

So if you're planning on boozy brunch this weekend, stop by your local Costco to see if you can pick up a pack of these ultra-popular ready-to-go Bloody Marys.