These Coffee Creamers Taste Just Like A Classic Childhood Cereal

For better or worse, coffee is generally a bit of an adult drink, and cereal tends to be seen as a kid's breakfast. Sure, Special K and its ilk do exist, and nothing's stopping you from eschewing classy espressos in favor of starting your day with a heaping bowl of Cap'n Crunch – but when you're actually around people, it may cause less comment to suppress your cereal instincts and go for a cup of Joe.

Fortunately, society has taken steps to combine coffee with the cravings of our younger selves. Starbucks alone has all sorts of frappuccinos and whatnot to satisfy our sweet tooth in a socially acceptable way. If all else fails, you can always load your coffee with brown sugar. However, the delightful taste of cereal has eluded the coffee drinker — until now. 

Yes, the technology for surreptitiously spiking your cup of coffee with a dose of nostalgic cereal taste is finally here. Let's take a look at the coffee creamers that taste just like classic childhood cereal. 

International Delight Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles creamers bring your childhood to your coffee

Coffee creamer is the great equalizer in the "this coffee needs to taste like something else" game, and International Delight is renowned for making coffee creamers that make your cup of hot caffeine taste like anything from Oreos to birthday cake.  

Per Delish, the company will soon release two bold new flavors, which should be familiar to everyone whose childhood's cereal game was on point. Yes, in early 2021, International Delight will grace the nation's retailers with Fruity Pebbles- and Cocoa Pebbles-flavored coffee creamers, at around $3.29 a bottle. The creamers' release will come in honor of the cereals' 50th anniversary.

Reportedly, the products should capture the fruity and chocolatey flavors of their cereal counterparts rather accurately, which can mean only one thing: Many people's coffee is about to taste a whole lot more nostalgic in the near future. It'll be fun to watch important-looking people sipping their coffee all dressed up and try to guess which ones are secretly enjoying the Fruity Pebbles taste.