Every International Delight Coffee Creamer, Ranked Worst To Best

International Delight creamers are ubiquitous. Enter any decently-sized grocery store in the United States, head to the coolers, and you'll find a gleaming row of those creamers in an array of flavors.

Thankfully for the lactose intolerant amongst us, all International Delight creamers are lactose-free, though their FAQ page admits that they do contain sodium caseinate derived from milk. They're also gluten-free and kosher. While there are a few fat-free and sugar-free options available, know that the standard-issue creamers aren't exactly health foods. A tablespoon in your coffee is delicious in moderation, but we can't recommend drinking a whole glass.

According to International Delight itself, there are currently 22 core creamer flavors out there. That number fluctuates somewhat, as seasonal brands go in and out and different experiments hit the shelves.

How is someone supposed to pick just one? Check out this handy ranking of all the available International Delight creamer flavors, from worst to best. You may disagree, and that's fine. Consider this more as a guide for the next time you're standing in front of the creamer case, dizzy from so many options.

22. Almond Joy

Almond Joys are the saddest candies lurking at the bottom of a Halloween treat bag. Filled with a processed, sugary goop that claims to contain coconut, most people dread its taste and texture. Some people are rumored to actually enjoy this "treat," but they appear to be a rare breed.

If there are so many people that have, at best, lukewarm feelings toward this candy, then why was it turned into a creamer? The prospect of taking a perfectly good cup of coffee and infusing it with the flavor of disappointment isn't at all appealing. Yet, here it is, sitting next to the other creamers as if it belongs there next to its tastier brethren.

If you are offended at this vicious attack on your favorite candy and creamer, take heart. You'll probably never run out the Almond Joy flavored International Delight, no matter when you take your next grocery run.

21. Buddy the Elf Caramel Waffle Cookie

There's no shame in enjoying the holidays. For many people in the northern hemisphere, the space of time from November to January can be a cold, dark period, filled with snow and anxiety over gift shopping. If you want to take the edge off via an innocent viewing of Elf, then why not? Neither is there any shame in indulging in a little holiday flavoring here and there, even if the movie tie-in is, admittedly, a bit cheesy.

Therefore, this isn't a takedown of International Delight's team-up with Buddy the Elf, at least not in the general sense. It is, however, a takedown of some of the weakest holiday flavors. Caramel Waffle Cookie sounds nice, but in practice, it's not distinct from any other caramel flavoring. You may taste the ghost of a slightly savory waffle cookie in the midst of overwhelming sweetness, but it's fleeting.

20. Buddy the Elf Frosted Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies are a mainstay of the holiday season. They're relatively easy to make and can be pretty tasty. These treats are also great for decorating and forming heartwarming memories with friends and family. If you could somehow distill that sense of togetherness, represented as a perfect, pillowy sugar cookie topped with icing and sprinkles, wouldn't you want it in your coffee?

Turns out, it's not so easy to translate sugar cookies into creamer. There's nothing really offensive about the Buddy the Elf Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer, but neither is it terribly exciting. If it appeared in the door of your family fridge on a cold, wintry morning, you'd probably consider throwing a little bit in your coffee. The resulting experience would be a touch above simple cream and sugar, but only just. Don't expect to be walloped by a distinctive flavor when you take a sip.

19. Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream

Cold Stone is a perfectly good way to get your ice cream. It's got a good array of flavors, and the mix-ins are fun and tasty. Plus, the ice cream has a somewhat distinct taste to it, which means that a creamer based on the treat could stand out from the crowd.

International Delight's Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream flavor doesn't. It's another one of those creamers that's fine but stops there. What if the creators had really gone wild and produced, say, a version of German chocolate cake or the graham cracker-inspired The Pie Who Loved Me? It might not be great, but it could have been more interesting than a creamer that's only sweet and, well, creamy. The most interesting thing about Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream creamer is the number of times you're forced to say "cream" when asking for it at the grocery store.

18. White Chocolate Mocha

If you're new to coffee, a mocha is a pretty good way to go. The way it's prepared in most coffee shops, you'll get a drink that's got good coffee flavor, complemented with chocolate, cream, and, if you really want it and aren't shy about asking the barista, a dash of fixings. White chocolate mochas are sometimes available, too. They might be a good replacement if you prefer the taste of cocoa butter-based sweets rather than the actual cocoa compounds in milk and dark chocolate.

True to its inspiration, the White Chocolate Mocha creamer from International Delight is pretty darn sweet. For some, a glug of this sugary stuff is just what they want to complement bitter coffee. For others, it's way too much. At least you can control the amount of sweetness here, though that may take some experimentation before you hit the right ratio of coffee to syrupy creamer.

17. Birthday Cake

Unlike other cream-inspired flavors of International Delight, it's fair to say that the Birthday Cake flavor has its own character. Of course, your overall opinion of this particular coffee creamer may differ depending on your desire to eat raw cake batter. This version, thankfully, is much safer than any risky maneuver that involves consuming uncooked eggs.

Is it a good taste, though? People seem to have pretty mixed opinions, honestly. For most coffee drinkers who also happen to like the cake batter trend, they're expecting hints of vanilla, yellow cake, maybe even a weird way to work in the sprinkles seen on the label. Instead, it's mostly just vanilla and sweet. That's not awful, exactly. You could just pour some into your coffee and pretend it's a plain old vanilla creamer. Yet, the truth is that there are plenty of other vanilla coffee creamers out there. International Delight's Birthday Cake flavor simply doesn't stand out from the packed crowd.

16. Vanilla Cannoli Creme Latte

Sometimes, you want to keep things simple. Freshly brewed coffee, a glug of creamer, some light stirring with a spoon, and nothing more.

But, we're complicated creatures. If someone wants vanilla, then maybe they'll want a latte. And if that's good, maybe it could be a bit creamier. While we're at it, why not try to add in the flavor of a classic Italian pastry? No one's stopping you from creating the Frankenstein's monster of coffee creamers, after all.

To tell the truth, the Vanilla Cannoli Creme Latte from International Delight promises a lot. But does it deliver? Not especially. Maybe, if you close your eyes and concentrate hard, you might be able to pick out the hint of deep-fried cannoli, but it may be more an act of will than actual taste. There's certainly no ricotta or those delicious little chocolate chips. Mostly, it's another sweet cream flavor.

15. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like the occasional Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It is routinely ranked as the top Halloween treat, but it's good all year. Peanut butter and chocolate are a delicious mix of sweet things with a savory edge.

Now, what about the prospect of such a candy in liquid form, added to coffee or tea? That depends on what you're hoping to get out of the experience. People wanting a serious hit of peanut butter flavor with that unique peanutty, savory quality might be seriously disappointed. Those who really go searching for it might find that flavor, but it gets fairly overwhelmed by the chocolate in the mix.

With so many other chocolate-flavored creamers out there, few see the point in getting one that's hardly different from the rest. If that's what you're really going for, perhaps you'd be better served by finding a mocha-inspired creamer instead.

14. Hershey's Chocolate Caramel

Perhaps this spate of creamers inspired by fruit, cookies, cake batter, or other additions just isn't landing for you. That's fair. There are a lot of creamers out there, some with what you may consider to be pretty wild concepts. Maybe you're still craving something sweet, but you want a flavor that's more familiar. How about the most classic of all candy bars?

It could be that the Hershey's Chocolate Caramel flavor of International Delight is for you. Granted, it's still very sweet, so you may want to be careful with your pouring hand. The caramel is just strong enough to balance out the sweet milk chocolate flavors. If that's the candy you tend to snatch from the Halloween lineup, and you don't terribly mind the level of sweetness that's inherent to practically all of the International Delight creamer, then this may be the one for you.

13. Oreo Cookie

There's something special about Oreos. Yes, they're highly processed, not to mention unhealthy when ingested in mass quantities. But, for large numbers of people, it's hard to resist those little chocolate cookies with the crème filling. Many of us have fond memories of an afternoon spent dipping Oreos into a glass of milk.

Maybe that nostalgia will lead you to the Oreo creamer. Strangely enough, this is one of the creamers that isn't terribly sweet, at least not compared to other offerings in the International Delight oeuvre. Of course, the sugary flavor depends in large part on just how much creamer you dump into your coffee, so there's room for variation.

Does it taste like an Oreo blended into your coffee? Kind of. There's definitely a cookies and crème flavor, though it's not quite the essence of an Oreo cookie. For that, look in the cookie aisle.

12. White Chocolate Raspberry

Some varieties of coffee are described as having bright, fruity flavors. Others might display a deeper, darker taste reminiscent of cherries. So, if unadulterated coffee might greet you with those sorts of tasting notes, then why shouldn't you add some fruit flavor of your own?

If regular white chocolate flavors are a bit too one-note for your palate, White Chocolate Raspberry might be a good option. The raspberry rounds out the somewhat flat sweetness of the white chocolate, which, after all, is little more than cocoa butter and sugar pressed together into candy form, to begin with. It's also a unique flavor that isn't too wild or sponsored by a corporate entity.

If you prefer the bitterness of a good dark roast, this will be an odd companion to your coffee. This is an especially sweet creamer, so if you're still curious, go slow with the pour.

11. Buddy the Elf Peppermint Mocha

This seasonal treat has plenty of fans. Peppermint is, after all, a holiday flavor that rarely fits into other times of the year. Add to that the fact that it's only available for a short season, and people in the grocery store tend to go for it, thanks to artificial scarcity. If you're a lucky fan, it's apparently offered year-round in some markets, though don't tell anyone who doesn't have that privilege.

Unlike some other creamer flavors, this one has a bit more character (and we're not just talking about Buddy). Yes, it's still very sweet, so be aware when you're trying this variety for the first time. The creamer does get a pleasant edge from the peppermint, rounded out with the chocolate mocha flavor. Both the mocha and the peppermint are evenly balanced, though the mint-averse should be aware. There's no mistaking the primary flavor here.

10. Amaretto

Flavors in coffee are obviously at the heart of your caffeine-drinking experience, but you've got to do it right when you're adding to the already complex flavors packed into the coffee bean.

Many people, when thinking of coffee, focus on the roasted flavor of the beans. Depending on the type of bean and how it's prepared, that typically means toasty flavors, maybe with hints of chocolate or other savory flavors. Given that coffee is produced by a fruiting plant, it's therefore not shocking that tasters can also pick out rich flavors like cherry in a cup of unadorned brewed coffee.

But what about adding almond flavor to your morning cup? It's an interesting proposition, one that's won a few fans. For some coffee drinkers, this take on an almond-flavored liqueur that's often found in desserts is a perfect addition. For others, it's a bit overly sweet and sometimes even synthetic.

9. White Chocolate Macadamia

Maybe all other forms of chocolate, with or without cocoa solids, classic or trendy, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, just don't do it for you. You've just got to have white chocolate.

Plenty are serious about wanting it in their coffee. Some varieties of International Delight creamer that claim to deliver those flavors aren't a whole lot more than a tide of sweetness that reminds you of a piece of white chocolate you had once at a  party that had picked up the flavors of other candy in the bowl.

White Chocolate Macadamia is at least well-known. It's a cookie that disappears pretty quickly from the cookie tray, at least before people resort to oatmeal raisin. When it comes to coffee, nutty flavors like macadamia tend to be smoother and more pleasing than sugary. Still, be careful of the amount you use, as the sweetness can get overwhelming.

8. Southern Butter Pecan

Generally, companies like International Delight do their best to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. It makes good business sense, overall, but there are occasions when people really want to latch on to regional identity. There's no shame in that, at least not when it comes to flavoring your tea or coffee. But how are you supposed to do that with creamer?

Enter Southern Butter Pecan. It's already a popular ice cream and syrup flavor, with the pecans reminding many of the American South. Are you a transplant from that region, maybe staring out the window at another snowy sky and jealously thinking of the warmer weather only a few latitudes below you?

The Southern Butter Pecan creamer may help to alleviate that longing. Yes, if you put too much in, it's overwhelmingly sweet, but the pecan and savory, buttery flavors help to balance everything out.

7. Salted Caramel Mocha

Some roasted coffee beans do produce a chocolate flavor. You could go to a coffee tasting and get a lot of approving nods if you mention the flavor when sipping the darker brews.

Mocha-flavored creamers are a decent choice for coffee, especially if you love chocolate in the first place. But what if that's not enough? Okay, caramel's not a bad choice. It can have a savory profile if it's done right. Salt? Sure, salted caramel has been popular for many years, and for good reason. A light addition of salt can help other flavors to grow in complexity as you're tasting them. 

International Delight's Salted Caramel Mocha may still be too much for some, particularly if you want a more streamlined approach to coffee creamer. Yet, if the above mix of salty and sweet sounds appealing, you should give the Salted Caramel Mocha flavor a try.

6. Cinnabon

You've got every right to be suspicious of corporate tie-ins. All too often, at least in the food world, companies can get a little cynical and assume that consumers will simply buy something because it's tied to another thing they like, regardless of actual taste. Hear it out, though: sometimes, just sometimes, a collaboration between two giant food producers actually works.

For the curious amongst you, consider the Cinnabon flavor of International Delight. Seriously. It's sweet, sure, but maybe not as much as you think it will be. And, somehow, it does properly taste like a combination of a cinnamon bun and the vanilla-infused icing that drips down the side.

No, it's not very healthy, especially if you're a heavy-handed pourer. No, you probably wouldn't want to stroll into your local indie coffee shop and loudly ask for this addition. Secretly, though, between friends? This creamer is actually pretty good.

5. French Vanilla

There's simple, and then there's vanilla. The term "vanilla" has long been used to describe something that's painfully boring, though ultimately inoffensive and inconsequential. It's not entirely fair, since we use vanilla in plenty of delicious things, like cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Meanwhile, real vanilla harvested from a plant, as opposed to any of the fake or quasi-fake flavorings out there, is genuinely good. Different varieties are also delightfully distinct, from the kinds grown in Tahiti, to Mexico, to Madagascar, and beyond.

The real stuff costs good money, though, so you aren't going to find it in International Delight creamer. How does the French Vanilla flavor hold up with the more manufactured stuff? It's fine. The creamer lends sweetness and something like flavor with the vanilla taste floating around in there. It will be inoffensive for most, ubiquitous for many, and a pretty good, if unexciting creamer.

4. Irish Crème

What if we took on the revolutionary concept that the creamer you put into your coffee should taste like cream? The truth is that some people just want their brew to be a bit creamier than a plain old black coffee.

Irish Crème isn't really groundbreaking, but it does have just a hint of complexity to distinguish it from a bit of actual cream and sugar that you could add to your coffee. There's a hint of brown sugar bringing some darker flavors. It's still subtle, sure, but between the creaminess or Irish Crème and its sweetness, this offering from International Delight has plenty of fans.

So, is this for you? Consider whether or not flavors like Oreo or Vanilla Cannoli Crème Latte overwhelm you. If it does, a straightforward offering like the Irish Crème could be a good fit in your kitchen.

3. Pumpkin Pie Spice

Once upon a time, pumpkin spice was a tasty way to greet the autumn season in your cup. Then, we began to see it everywhere. Pumpkin spice began to institute its flavors into stranger mediums, like hummus or mac and cheese. Inevitably, the backlash began. Now, it seems as if there are just as many pumpkin spice haters as there are enthusiasts. Most people, to be fair, probably don't care.

If you're not completely averse to the pumpkin spice flavor by now, may we suggest the Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer from International Delight? It is pretty much exactly what it says it is on the label: a collection of sweetness and spices with the hint of pumpkin in there. This creamer is a perfectly respectable and tasty addition to your fridge during the fall season. Just don't tell the most rabidly anti-pumpkin spice people in your circle.

2. Caramel Macchiato

It's okay to want simple things every once in a while. We are complicated creatures living in a complicated world. There's no need, really, to make things in your coffee all the more complicated, too.

Despite the name, International Delight's Caramel Macchiato creamer is really just a caramel creamer. A macchiato, for reference, is a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and then lots of milk foam. It's unclear how a coffee shop classic like that would get into a bottle of creamer in the first place.

The caramel flavor is nice, however. If you just want to add some sweetness to your coffee, you could do worse than reach for this creamer. Consider mixing it up with an iced coffee drink during the warmer months, or really whenever your heart desires something eerily like a caramel drink you could get at any big name coffee shop.

1. Hazelnut

Let's be honest. A few things are classics for a reason. Maybe you're a rebel. Maybe you want to strike your own path, whether it's the direction of your life or the sort of grocery store creamer you add to your coffee. 

Still, if you've got that rebellious instinct, try to remember why some things are popular. On occasion, they're just good, like the ultra-classic hazelnut creamer produced by International Delight. You are bound to see this everywhere, from grocery stores to restaurant tables, to that little coffee-making set up in the corner of your hotel room.

That's because it's a reliably good coffee creamer. Okay, it might not have the flashy presence of a Buddy the Elf tie-in, or the devoted fanbase of other seasonal creamers. That doesn't mean it's not good. The hazelnut flavor is just right and, if you're a responsible measurer, the whole affair isn't overly sweet. If you think you're too cool for hazelnut, give it another chance next time you encounter this creamer.