Trader Joe's Just Brought Back Its Popular Eggnog

Right in time for Thanksgiving, Trader Joe's has come through again. Instagram handle @traderjoes_addict was the first to announce the glad tidings. "Eggnog is fully stocked and ready to spice up your holiday season," they wrote after finding fully stocked fridge shelves full of Trader Joe's Light Egg Nog, Egg Nog, and Almond Nog. A bit of unsolicited advice: While you're dialing up your turkey hotline of choice this year, why not do it while cradling a glass of your favorite variety of the Trader Joe's holiday classic?

Like the best holiday traditions, Trader Joes' eggnog has stood the test of time. Back in 2011, The Daily Meal reviewed the grocery chain's traditional Egg Nog and commended its "thick texture, with good spice flavor." In 2019, Best was still raving about it. "This nog is so delicious and creamy that we just had to include it," they wrote. "Made without any artificial flavors or preservatives, this is one delicious nog that's totally worth the wait." And @traderjoes_addict's Instagram followers are already "oohhhhhing" and "ahhhing."

Does Trader Joe's Almond Nog live up to its dairy-rich counterparts?

Trader Joe's itself doesn't differentiate between its eggnog varieties, insisting that all three are "creamy [and] satisfying" and imbued with the "nutmeg-and ginger profile that Nog enthusiasts so desire." Each 32-ounce carton is kosher-certified and yours for $2.99 a pop. But can its non-dairy Almond Nog really appease the cravings of eggnog addicts?

"The flavor is on point. Just feels light because it lacks the texture from cream," wrote one Instagram user in response to a question on @traderjoes_addict's post. Spoon University has also given the dairy-free alternative its stamp of approval. "With a creamy almond milk base, a hint of sweetness, and the perfect amount of ginger and nutmeg to spice it up, this Almond Nog is the perfect holiday beverage," it wrote. 

Wait. We're not done gushing about Trader Joe's Almond Nog yet. Like Bustle pointed out in 2018, urging its readers to "rejoice in the vegan holiday cheer," Trader Joe's Almond Nog is "free of corn syrup, soy, and gluten, and it's kosher-friendly." Synopsis? All three eggnog varieties are ghosts of holidays past that we will gladly rally around.