The Hotline You Can Use For Thanksgiving Turkey Advice

This year, you can start asking your burning Thanksgiving turkey-related questions early. Starting more than three weeks before Thanksgiving, you'll be able to ask experts for advice. Unless you're like that guy who, as The Chicago Tribune tells it, cut his turkey in half with a chain saw (don't be like that guy), this Thanksgiving you have no excuses. Starting November 2, the Jennie-O Turkey Store announced that you can call 1-800-TURKEYS, and a turkey expert will be happy to assist you in resolving your otherwise unresolvable turkey inquiries. If you're a Millennial or a member of Generation Z and therefore detest talking on the phone, Jennie-O has you covered. Jennie-O's website will be equipped with a live chat, and alternatively, if you text "Turkey" to 73876, and Jennie-O's experts will come to your rescue.

Use your time wisely. Here's what you shouldn't ask them: how hot should your oven be on the big day (325 degrees if you're cooking a Fahrenheit turkey), how many pounds of turkey meat you should prepare per person at your Thanksgiving feast (at least 1.5), and how long you need to defrost your turkey for (roughly a week in the fridge), says Real Simple

When you can call Jennie-O's hotline for celebrity chef advice

If you're reading this article, chances are you're already planning on preparing a Thanksgiving Turkey. Yours will be one of approximately 46 million that Americans will likely consume on and around Thursday, November 26, 2020 (via the University of Illinois). And even for the unbearably simple how-hot-should-my-oven-be questions, Jennie-O wants to help. "In a year when family bonds and giving thanks are more important than ever, we are thrilled to help make Thanksgiving meals entertaining, flavorful and easy," Nicole Behne, Jennie-O's vice president of marketing explained.

Looking to take things up a notch? Try calling Jennie-O's turkey hotline beginning on November 19. Then, you'll have a chance of getting expert turkey-cooking advice straight from the mouth of your favorite celebrity chef or social media influencer. We don't know who's likely to answer your call this year, but last year's line-up of celebrity chefs included Hells Kitchen winner, Christina Machamer, and Chopped champion, Kenneth Temple (via Star Tribune). Happy basting!