Don't Fall For This TikToker's Viral McDonald's Drink Video

Viral trends, as fascinating as they may seem, are not always true. Take this video, for example. A TikTok user, Moikerrr, posted a video comparing different soda cups from McDonald's and proceeded to demonstrate that the amount of Coke in each cup size is mostly the same, implying that fast-food cup sizes are not to be trusted and that all of us are probably being cheated by them. This video managed to go viral with lots of polarizing comments from viewers. While some seemed to agree with what they saw, others weren't too convinced.

One user, who was skeptical about the viral soda video, wrote, "That's what happens when you fill up each of the cups slightly and then pour more in." Turns out, they may have had a valid point, after all. The TikTok video has now been debunked and proven to be false, like many other things on social media. Here's the scoop!

The McDonald's soda trick is an illusion

As reported by Snopes, the video is really just a smart trick meant to confuse viewers because the small, medium, large cups at McDonald's are genuinely different from each other. The trick is not too complex either, as the larger cups have been slightly filled with soda to throw off viewers and make them think that all the cups have the same amount of liquid in them.

Reddit users caught this trick five years ago and dug into it further, explaining that no one ever shows viewers the bottom of the cups in their videos. "When they are pouring in to the cup, do you get to see the bottom of the cup ever? Any of the videos I have seen, you do not," a commenter pointed out. Another Redditor said that they've worked at McDonald's and the cup sizes are definitely not the same (about 30 oz. versus 21 oz.) and do not hold the same amount of soda. Rest easy, ignore the viral trend.