This Is The Least Popular Jelly Bean Flavor

In the world of candy, jelly beans can be some of the most divisive candy. While there are tons of Jelly Belly flavors people can choose from, there are certain flavors that are consistently at the top and bottom, and usually, it's the same flavors at both ends of the list. Maybe jelly bean fans just love to hate some of the most popular flavors. Whatever the reason, for loving some of the worst or hating some of the best, it's likely that the actual least popular jelly bean flavor is toward the bottom of the list, uncontested. 

Among the flavors that people either love or hate are black licorice and buttered popcorn. Both of these flavors often make the list as some of the worst jelly bean flavors out there. However, both are considered the most popular flavors in several states across the United States (via Candy Store). That's why the answer is not so clear when it comes to the least popular jelly bean flavor — but a few are consistently at the bottom of the pack.

These jelly bean flavors are consistently at the bottom

Instead of the hot-button flavors of licorice or pear, the truly least popular jelly bean flavor has to be chocolate pudding. According to both Spoon University and The Recipe, chocolate pudding is toward the bottom of the barrel. Spoon University claims this flavor flops because it isn't real chocolate and chocolate-flavored anything just can't compare. The Recipe echoed similar reasons for the placement claiming that the flavor just didn't taste chocolatey enough.

If chocolate pudding isn't enough of a widely-accepted bad flavor of jelly bean, bubble gum is a close second. Even Delish piled in on this flavor as a bad pick. The overall feeling was that no one should eat or swallow something that tastes like bubblegum. Instead, you should just go for the real thing. For Delish, the only winners with this flavor are those who don't want to continue chewing on the same piece of gum for too long.

Cappuccino was another low-ranking flavor for Spoon University. Apart from citing that the jelly beans don't contain caffeine, the flavor just wasn't enough to make it higher in the ranks.

So, whether you love or hate the other flavors, you might want to steer clear of these flavors.