Sam Adams Is Offering Some Unusual Holiday Merch

Are you feeling in the holiday mood yet? No? Okay, so we're still only halfway between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but this is the year for rushing all of the things, so you better get with the program. Why not crack a brew or two and then do a little online holiday shopping? Sam Adams — the beer company, not the Declaration of Independence signer – is hoping to entice you to do just that.

Before you whip out your credit card, though, be aware that this stuff isn't exactly budget-priced. This is Sam Adams, after all, the macrobrewery that still adheres to that most cherished of microbrew traditions, charging whatever the market will bear. If you're in the market for a $64.95 light-up Christmas sweater bedecked with a mug-lifting patriot in a storm of twinkly snowflakes, well then, head on over to Tipsy Elves and check out the brewery themed collection.

Ugly sweaters and more

Not only does that Sam Adams x Tipsy Elves holiday sweater come in both men's and women's versions (these appear to be identical, but perhaps there's some subtle difference in the sizing), but there's even a matching doggie sweater for $24.95. If you're into the whole Christmas jammies thing, they also offer his and hers hooded blue onesies adorned with a tasteful print of snowflakes (non-lighted ones) and beer mugs at $79.95.

If you're on more of a Pabst Blue Ribbon budget, well, that esteemed brewery offers no holiday merch through Tipsy Elves, but Sam's does have a few lower-priced items. There's the always-useful "drink mitten" that marries a glove with a knit coozie for $19.95, perhaps perfect for all that outdoor cold weather drinking the holidays seem to bring (it's socially-distanced at least!), and socks with pockets so you never forget your bottle opener again — just $11.95 for these. And if you just hate to give an empty pair of pocketed socks, you can also pick up a credit-card sized Sam Adams holiday-themed bottle opener for $6.95.

If any of this holiday merch rolls out your barrel, you might want to shop soon. Some items may sell out pretty quickly as everybody tries to pick up that perfect gift for their cousin from Boston.