Don't Serve Quiche Without These Side Dishes

Quiches are one of the easiest and tastiest dishes you can make for brunch or simply to freeze and have on hand for a quick and easy breakfast. But if you're planning to serve one or two quiches for a delicate, yet rich meal, you might want to have a couple of dishes to serve on the side. While quiches are practically a whole meal in one slice thanks to the pastry, eggs, and any fillings, it's still nice to have it accompanied by something.

Depending on the season, there are a number of options that are perfect sides to quiche. Salads are a great idea, especially during the spring and summer when it's warmer and the cool salad is particularly refreshing. You can even pair the salad with the kind of quiche you're serving. For example, a rich quiche filling with cheese and bacon works well with a salad topped with nuts and dried berries. A salad of baby spring greens with tomatoes and a vinegarette goes with almost any quiche, though (via Insanely Good Recipes).

Serve these sides to round out the meal too

During cooler months when you might want something warm and soothing along with your quiche, soup is a wonderful option. Tomato soup is a classic and when it's made with cream and topped with goat cheese, it's elegant and absolutely delicious. Other dishes like a baked vegetable bisque made with butternut squash bisque is also a good savory side. Another great vegetable side is roasted asparagus with bacon, which is a healthy alternative to some other sides (via Home Gear X).

Another side that will pair well with any kind of quiche is a good, crusty bread. Just warm it up for a delicious side. You can even set out different kinds of toppings like butter, honey, spreadable cheese, or fruit preserves. Focaccia bread is another good carb-heavy kind of bread to serve on the side too — especially since you can top it with tons of savory things like roasted tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. Whatever you choose to serve, don't forget that beverages play a big role in a good brunch. So, don't skip the mimosas or a great pitcher of iced tea for your breakfast.