Jose Cuervo's Doppeldrinker Lets You Opt Out Of Holiday Parties

'Tis the season when family and friends gather closely together indoors, to eat, drink, and be merry. Any other year, and that would sound just great. But this is 2020, so of course, celebrating with those we love is strongly discouraged. The virus that causes COVID-19 is crashing our parties and ruining everyone's good time. "As many public health experts mention, the virus is attending these events and can be transmitted from person to person," a doctor from the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University told USA Today.

Health officials are trying to come up with ways we can socialize safely. They say we can visit relatives during Thanksgiving dinner over Zoom, or hold socially distanced dinners and other social events outside. Then again, you can't taste grandma's famous stuffing through a video chat, and dining outdoors in November or December is not a comfortable option in most of America. Hospitals have enough to worry about without the extra hypothermia cases.

The safest choice when it comes to traveling for the holidays is not to travel at all, according to the CDC. While that's certainly no fun, the clever folks at Jose Cuervo are trying to make the most of it. They've come up with a way we can spend the holidays with those we love – sort of.

A cardboard 'Doppeldrinker' won't catch COVID-19

If you're one of those holiday guests who is usually seen with a drink in their hand, then maybe, with a little help from Jose Cuervo, you can give loved ones something almost as good as the real you – a life-sized cardboard cutout of you holding a drink in your hand. It's what Jose Cuervo calls its Doppeldrinker contest, open to any Cuervo fan 21 or older. The tequila maker detailed the new promotion in a statement to Mashed.

"Imagine the possibilities of what your Doppeldrinker can do without you physically being there," the statement read. "A cocktail party with close friends? The family pajama photo? Sure! America's favorite tequila brand wants to make sure the cardboard version of yourself is there for all the action."

If you're the kind of person who would be the life of the party even if reduced to a two-dimensional image, then register for a chance to get your own cardboard likeness at Entering is easy. Upload a high-resolution, full-body photo of yourself holding a beverage. Jose Cuervo doesn't say the drink needs to be recognized as one of its products, but in any case, we wouldn't risk gripping a bottle of Patrón. Finally, let Jose Cuervo know where to send the cutout of you. If you are selected, friends and family will be happy to see a version of you that won't get too tipsy and can't spread any germs.