The Best Store-Bought Tea Brands Ranked

David Walliams, British author, once said "In Britain, a cup of tea is the answer to every problem." We love the idea of solving problems with a hot cuppa and have to agree there's something really soothing about curling up with a mug of tea after a long day. Though coffee is popular for getting you up and running, it's undeniable that sipping on some tea is the perfect way to wind down and give yourself some much needed R&R. Comforting, rich, smooth, the beauty of tea is that there's a flavor to suit every taste and satisfy you any time of day.

From zesty fruity blends to sophisticated loose-leaf teas, we guarantee you'll be able to find a brew that makes you feel warm and toasty from the inside out. Some teas are definitely better than others though, and we've ranked the best store-bought tea brands for you to try in the comfort of your home. Keep reading to find your next favorite tea to cuddle up with on your couch!

13. Benner Green Tea with Lemon Flavor and Ginseng

We love green tea for mornings when we don't want to get too caffeinated but need a little kick in the pants to knock out some errands. Packing a moderate amount of caffeine and lots of great taste, green tea is just the ticket. Aldi's tea brand Benner offers a variety of great-tasting teas, so we tried its Green Tea with Lemon Flavor and Ginseng for a little AM boost.

However, we didn't necessarily like the taste of this tea. The zesty addition of lemon flavor to this tea didn't too much to make it more flavorful. Benner's original Green Tea is quite good, but we just weren't fans of this specific flavor, and we'd advise you to choose a different one if you're thinking about buying from this brand.

These individual tea bags, 20 per box, brewed up quickly in a few minutes and tasted great on first brew. The only problem was that the tea bags didn't last very long. Re-steeping a second time ended in a bland and watery tea.

12. Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Herbal Tea

Sometimes, the selection of teas at the grocery store is overwhelming. There are so many brands, flavors, and types of tea on the market that we can feel our heads spinning in that dreaded Coffee/Tea aisle. Suffice it to say, we were definitely suffering from decision fatigue on the day we chose to test out  Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Herbal Tea.

We chose this one because TJ's has gone ahead and packed almost every tea flavor available into one blend. In just one tea bag, we get tastes of apple, chamomile, cinnamon, chicory, orange peel, ginger, and hibiscus. But, unfortunately, it didn't taste that good together. Though we could actually taste the real apple flavor and then the cinnamon, it tasted a bit too sweet for us, even though it doesn't contain any sugar.

We were disappointed to find that these tea bags couldn't last past the first steep. This tea definitely doesn't taste good watered down, so we'd recommend you stock up on a few boxes if you do like the taste of this tea.

11. Celestial Seasoning Honey Vanilla Chamomile

Celestial Seasonings sells some of our favorite flavored teas, so we were excited to try their Honey Vanilla Chamomile blend. The soothing flavor of honey vanilla mixed with chamomile and a light touch of orange blossom really hit the spot for us, especially as a before-bed treat. We also liked it as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or decaf morning tea. 

The convenient bags made this tea easy to prepare. The blend tasted great piping hot and paired nicely with desserts like cookies and pie because the flavor wasn't overpowering.

However, we had to take points off for the same reason as the other teas listed above though. Since the flavor of the tea is quite light, the tea bags don't last beyond an initial steep. Refilling with hot water the second time around just wasn't the same, so we had to use a new tea bag for a second cup. We felt like we went through the box way too fast. Sometimes, the flavor wasn't even that strong on the first steep.

10. Bigelow 'Constant Comment' Black Tea

Bigelow "Constant Comment" Black Tea is a popular flavor that has withstood the test of time. In fact, it's the company's very first tea and it's still around, so you know it's gotta be good. Though Bigelow offers many delicious flavors such as Green Tea with Pomegranate and Lemon Lift, fans always return to Constant Comment as the classic they can't bear to go without.

Why's it called Constant Comment? Apparently, the founder, Ruth Bigelow, created the tea in 1945 on a quest to create a "better cup of tea." It took her weeks of blending tea leaves with a variety of spices until it was ready for her friends and family to try. The tea blend was such an instant hit that initial tasters began sharing it with their friends, and the circle of admirers grew until everyone was talking about this exciting new tea. This buzz around town about Bigelow's tea earned it the name "Constant Comment."

The Bigelow package describes the beloved tea as a blend "flavored with a secret recipe of orange rind and sweet spice." With whiffs of clove, orange, and cinnamon, with a hint of creamy flavoring, we mostly enjoyed this full-bodied, caffeinated black tea with lots of warming elements and interesting flavors. However, this wasn't the type of tea we'd want to drink every day, as it is very strong in flavor even after a short steep time.

9. Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea

It's not just coffee that can get you raring to go in the mornings. Although tea is considered less energizing by comparison, we heard that Twinings Irish Breakfast tea is a superb stand-in for those days you're out of coffee.

We've had English Breakfast tea before and thought that it was the strongest of breakfast teas around. We were wrong. Irish Breakfast is even more robust than English Breakfast, with more of an Assam taste and a reddish tinge to the brew. This hearty and bold black tea is full of get-up-and-go flavor, with an edge of malty-ness and sweetness to make drinking it an overall delicious experience.

No need to steep this tea for too long unless you really need a pick-me-up, as it's quite strong in flavor already. This tea is fantastic with cream or milk blended in, and many enjoy it with honey stirred in as well. We were definitely bouncing off the walls after our tea party, so this is definitely not a tea to drink all day long. 

8. Trader Joe's Spiced Chai Tea

Contrary to what many may think, chai is actually the Hindi word for tea rather than a style or flavor of tea. The spicy drink with milk we call chai was actually introduced by the British East India Company during the British Raj in India. Prior to that, Darjeeling or Assam was the popular tea of choice in India. Since then, masala chai has made its way all over the world and is lauded for its unique and rich taste.

Luckily, we don't have to travel very far to get a taste of chai these days. Spiced Chai Tea by Trader Joe's is a delight to the senses. With notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom, this black tea really packs a punch of complex and invigorating flavor. We also recommend this tea for first-time chai drinkers as the spice isn't too strong. There's a hint of vanilla that smooths out the spiciness, and the tea is even better if you steep it a few extra minutes and add some cream or oat milk to it, as many reviewers recommend.

However, as we've found with some TJ brand teas, these bags don't last beyond first steep. Still, for the great chai flavor, we plan to just stock up on a few extra boxes to keep the tea party going.

7. TAZO Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea

You've probably seen the TAZO brand at most grocery stores, but it's hard to choose which flavor to try. We're firm believers that different teas suit different occasions, but if we had to choose just one, we'd recommend the zingy and energetic Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Tea. Who doesn't need a burst of energy now and again?

This sweet herbal tea doesn't have any caffeine, but somehow, the flavors of orange peel, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers, and licorice root wake us up in a wholly pleasant and natural way. In fact, just sniffing at this yummy brew before drinking awakens the senses like no other.

One of the things we love best about most TAZO teas is that they taste great iced or hot. You can brew them all year long no matter the weather. We've tried this tea both hot and over ice, and the results were equally impressive. TAZO bags steep well the second time around, so stick around for another cup and enjoy the ride.

6. Kirkland Ito En Matcha Blend Japanese Green Tea

It's hard to believe this highly lauded Ito En Matcha Japanese Green Tea is a collaboration with Kirkland and can be bought in bulk at Costco, but sometimes life hands us miracles, and who are we to refuse? Trust us, this earthy and delicious green tea is packed with authentic flavor and tastes great any time of day. It has a light caffeine kick that'll get you out of the house and looking forward to the day to come. It also pairs well with your meals, especially if you're cooking up an Asian recipe.

Heat up some hot water and dunk in one of the handy individual tea bags. These little potent doses of tea are filled with rich flavor so you can refill for seconds and sometimes even thirds. We just love a cost-effective tea that keeps giving all day long. And when you buy them in a Costco-sized box, you've got amazing green tea that'll keep well and last you for several months.

5. The Tao of Tea, Organic Genmaicha

Tea snobs and newbies alike will swoon once they get a sip of Organic Genmaicha by The Tao of Tea. The unique flavor of this brown rice tea is unforgettable. Truly a standout tea, we like serving this tea alongside simple crackers and savory snacks.

This rich and full-bodied tea is a loose leaf tea, so you'll need a tea infuser to brew this at home. We recommend investing in a quality tea infuser so that you can make excellent tea for years to come. Believe us, once you try loose leaf tea once, you'll be hooked for life.

For a single serving of this exquisite tea, boil water and fill your infuser with a teaspoon of tea leaves. Tao of Tea recommends that you take the time to experiment how long to steep your tea according to your personal taste. We found that we didn't need to steep for too long, since the leaves' flavors are so potent. And we were able to re-steep our infuser three times before we had to refill. This was truly a tea that kept on giving.

4. Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

You can smell fresh brewed Numi Jasmine Green Tea from a mile away. The fragrant aroma of jasmine tea makes us think of spring days whiled away on a porch swing, surrounded by good friends and blooming flowers. Numi's Green Tea pairs great with some cookies or crackers on the side and also tastes great on its own. Jasmine green tea is also a beautiful palate cleanser for heavier meals like Chinese dim sum.

Made with ethically sourced, single-origin organic jasmine flowers and green tea leaves, this full leaf tea is packed into individual bags, so you get the flavor of high-quality tea in the convenience of a teabag. And all of Numi's bags are biodegradable and made with hemp rather than plastic, so you can rest assured you're sipping something good for the earth and good for your body too. If that isn't a magical experience in every way, we don't know what is.

3. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Tea

No tea list is complete with some Earl Grey thrown in the mix, and we're happy to report that you can find delicious Earl Grey in most grocery stores. Harney & Sons' Earl Grey Supreme is no exception. Our favorite kind of Earl Grey is one that's slightly floral, delicious with or without milk (hey, we like variety), and isn't too perfume-y.

Harney & Sons delivers everything we want in an Earl Grey with its subtle floral bergamot flavor livened up with a zingy citrus edge. This is a great option for first time Earl Grey drinkers as the taste isn't so overpowering as to knock you over the head with bergamot.

This tea brewed up nicely in hot water in a matter of minutes, and we loved the aroma of Earl Grey filling the kitchen. It was a scent that was both comforting and energetic and got us excited about tasting the tea. This Earl Grey tasted great by itself, but we also tried making it into a tea latte, which actually enhanced the bergamot and citrus flavor, making this one of our favorites for mixing with milk. We definitely recommend serving this tea alongside sandwiches and pastries for your next tea party, but just be forewarned: It might steal the show.

2. Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea by Organic India has been recommended to us by more than a few people, so we had to try it for ourselves. We already loved the pretty pink packaging and the fact that these leaves are organic, but we were blown away by the flavor of this tea. Rose tea may seem like a novel idea, but once you've had a taste of Tulsi's, we have a feeling this brew will be making a regular comeback to your kitchen table.

The fragrance of the rose petals edged with a barely-there flavor of sweet honey is the perfect balance for this lightly floral tea. These individual bags brew up quick and rich in hot water in only three to five minutes. It tastes great on its own, both hot and cold. We recommend taking it to another level by mixing it with steamed oat milk and a little more honey for a rose tea latte treat that'll rival anything you'll ever find at Starbucks. And you won't even have to stand in line.

1. The Republic of Tea Milk Oolong Full-Leaf Tea

You don't know how good life is until you've had milk oolong tea. Seriously. It may seem weird until you taste the magic yourself. Here to introduce you to the wide world of creamy-flavored tea is The Republic of Tea's superb Milk Oolong Full-Leaf Tea.

This award-winning brew of green oolong with notes of pineapple and sweet cream is top dog in a category where there are no real losers. Oolong tea is already a beverage that is loved throughout the world, but in our opinion, this Milk Oolong Tea's awards are well-deserved. The smooth blend, silky mouthfeel, and unforgettable flavor of The Republic of Tea's best is something we want to keep in our pantry — and our mugs — all year long. A note for busy tea sippers out there: The Republic of Tea also sells tea bag form!

We've only tried this as a hot beverage, but we have a feeling this tea would taste amazing iced as well. If you're feeling wild enough to stir some honey in, we think you'll have a hit on your hands. Our mouths are already watering, so excuse us as we boil up some water and load up our infusers for several helpings of this standout milk oolong tea.