People Can't Stop Talking About This Flamin' Hot Cheetos Sushi

Yes, that's right – Flamin' Hot Cheetos ... sushi. Whether you think this idea sounds delicious or sacrilege, it's more than just a clickbait recipe; it's actually a real dish that you can buy and consume in 33 states plus Washington DC (via Best Products). And it's all thanks to a collaboration between Frito Lay (the company that makes Cheetos) and Hissho Sushi.

The Cheetos Flamin' Hot Roll includes plenty of spice in the form of Spicy Krab, crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos, spicy mayo, and oil. However, it also features three ingredients designed to counter the burn: avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber (via PennLive). As strange as it may sound to have Cheetos on sushi, the CEO of Hissho Sushi, Dan Beem says the dish was designed to take the sushi experience to the next level: "We also know that our retail partners' customers demand new and authentic innovation – from moms on the go bringing home dinner to their family or the typical college student yearning for a new food adventure."

What fans are saying about the new Cheetos Flamin' Hot Roll

Foodies have already started posting about the new Cheetos sushi on social media and causing quite a stir. For instance, when Instagrammer @lindseyeatspnw posted a photo of the roll this week the response from her followers was enthusiastic and included plenty of drooling and fire emojis (via Instagram). One person commented: "I'm definitely curious...." and another: "That looks so good!" followed by a pepper emoji. A poll from user minneapolisfoodiegirl showed 88 percent of her followers wanted to try the dish, while the remaining 12 percent selected the option "I'm scared" (via Instagram).

Redditors, however, seem somewhat less convinced about the new Hissho Sushi; with one post calling it "#blasphemy" gaining 150 upvotes (via Reddit). The comments on the post range from "definitely a sushi abomination" to "I've had similar rolls, using flaming hot Cheetos as an ingredient. 10/10." Whether or not you're going to rush out to try the new Cheetos Flamin' Hot Roll, you have to admit it gives new meaning to the phrase "avoid orange fingers, use chopsticks" (via Instagram).