Jolly Rancher Released An Interesting New Product, And It's Not Candy

While the image of Jolly Rancher conjures up the classic fruit-flavored hard candy, the brand has expanded its empire of sweet treats over the years. According to Insider, Yoplait released a line of Jolly Rancher yogurts aimed at everyone who loves the fun fruity flavors, and the team behind Jolly Rancher sold ice cream before they even created their iconic candy (via Golden History). Fans rejoiced when the brand announced that they had begun producing a line of soda in five classic flavors, and the drink became an instant favorite. While the soda has since vanished from shelves, aficionados of the original line of drinks can celebrate Jolly Rancher's newly announced product.

According to Delish, the candy and food company has announced a brand-new Jolly Rancher soft drink. While the original soda came in watermelon, green apple, blue raspberry, grape, tropical, and strawberry flavors (via American Goodies), the new drink comes in a single flavor. According to Delish, Jolly Rancher's latest drink exclusively arrives in a Cherry Lemonade flavor that has been met with a ton of love on social media. Fans of the candy or soda fanatics definitely need to add this drink to their must-try list, especially because the future of the beverage seems dicey.

Where can I find the Jolly Rancher Cherry Lemonade?

You might need to go on a pilgrimage to score a bottle of this soft drink. According to Best Products, the drink sprung up around August 25 of this year at Rutter's, a convenience store chain that has locations across central Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, and sightings of the beverage haven't occurred elsewhere. If the geographic restrictions don't break your heart, knowing the future of the product might. Even if you get a sip of this drink, don't expect for it to stay with us forever — according to Delish, the product is available for a limited time, so if you really want to score a bottle, you need to potentially take a road trip to a Rutter's to get your hands on this novelty Jolly Rancher soda before it's too late.

If you live too far away from the launch point of the soda, you might not want to hold out hope that the product has a national launch date. According to Best Product, no announcements have been made regarding the expansion of sales to other parts of the U.S., and many question if the product exists as a Rutter's exclusive. If you can't get a hold of this drink anytime soon, you may just have to keep enjoying Jolly Rancher's wide product line and hold out hope that this drink reaches a store near you.