Why You Should Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey Directly From The Farm

Thanksgiving is almost here, which can mean only one thing — lots of people are about to eat truly impressive amounts of delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Though there are many glorious Thanksgiving side dishes and tasty desserts out there, few meat-eating people would even consider denying the fact that turkey remains the king of the Thanksgiving table. As such, the importance of the big bird is paramount, and every home cook dreads making mistakes when cooking Thanksgiving turkey. However, it can be easy to forget that cooking the perfect turkey begins well before the actual cooking does. In order to achieve the perfect result, you first have to acquire a turkey that's as delicious as possible. 

Per SheFinds, this means that you might want to avoid getting your bird from Costco or other chain stores. Instead, you'd do well to source the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table locally. Let's take a look at why you should buy your Thanksgiving turkey directly from a local farm.

Buying your Thanksgiving turkey from the farm is good for the farm, the bird, and you

There are several reasons why buying your Thanksgiving turkey from a local farmer is the best option. As Lilly Den Farm points out, farm-raised turkeys enjoy a better life and a much higher-quality feed, as opposed to their mass-produced chain store cousins. This is obviously better for the bird itself, but your tastebuds will also notice the difference a healthy, lovingly-grown free-range turkey brings to the table because its taste won't be diluted by saline, preservatives, and whatnot. Conscious consumers will also appreciate the fact that you support the local economy, have a pretty clear idea of where your food comes from, and what the farm's practices are. 

While Julie R. Thomson of Huffington Post has noted that farm turkey is rather more expensive than store-bought, and it can take way more effort to acquire, she says that it's absolutely worth it. After all, apart from the above reasons, the mass-produced turkey industry has been known to keep the poor animals in fairly hellish living conditions. 

All in all, if you have the budget and the opportunity, you should absolutely consider buying your turkey from the farm this Thanksgiving. It's good for everyone involved.