39% Of People Think This Is The Best Thanksgiving Dessert

Thanksgiving is merely days away. Turkey hotlines may be in full swing, but we're busy giving in to our collective sweet tooth. Ina Garten, in her infinite wisdom, once said, "You can be miserable before you have a cookie and you can be miserable after you eat a cookie, but you can't be miserable while you are eating a cookie," (via Good Reads). Garten's words might have become our mantra had she only replaced "cookie" for "pie." Pie, after all, is the great uniter. Or, to quote Barack Obama, "I like pie. You like pie too?"

But enough about what Garten and Obama think. While heatedly arguing about our favorite Thanksgiving pie recipes and furiously haggling over which Thanksgiving dessert is most worth a 12 a.m. trip to the refrigerator for, we at Mashed came up with the ultimate litmus test. We decided to survey 550 of you, from all over the U.S., to join in our argument. Out of the group who answered our question, "What is your favorite dessert to eat on Thanksgiving?" a resounding winner emerged.

These are America's favorite Thanksgiving desserts, according to a Mashed survey

To the best of our knowledge, no voter fraud was detected when calculating the results of our survey, so here goes nothing. Out of the 550 people from across the U.S. that Mashed surveyed, 39.1 percent of them thought that pumpkin pie is the best Thanksgiving dessert. But before you scoff, "just 39.1 percent," consider the breadth of desserts that grace Thanksgiving day banquets. Know, also, that our runner-up amassed only a little more than half as many votes. Second place gained 21.8 percent of Mashed's survey-takers' votes, arguing that apple pie was Thanksgiving's best dessert. Pecan pie fans, meanwhile, totaled only 16.94 percent of all votes.

Pumpkin cheesecake (which gained 7.75 percent of all votes), sweet potato pie (which gained 4.68 percent of all votes), and coconut cream pie (which gained 4.32 percent of all votes), all deserve honorable mentions. Out of the remaining 5.41 percent of voters who named other Thanksgiving dessert preferences, only one quipped, "I don't celebrate Thanksgiving." Which is fine — that's more dessert for us.