Subway Has Finally Jumped On The Curbside Pickup Bandwagon

Since the first wave of coronavirus cases in the United States led to a series of nationwide restrictions in early spring, businesses have been moving quickly to adapt. It has been a particularly difficult year for many restaurants, which have struggled to stay afloat in this new world of stay-at-home orders and limited indoor gatherings. But many places have quickly improvised, changing the way they do business to fit their customers' needs in the current climate.

One of the biggest changes restaurants have undertaken is the expansion of their takeout and delivery options, including contactless delivery and pickup, which gives customers the chance to enjoy a delicious meal while reducing their contact with others and helping to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

According to CSA, Subway is the latest chain to announce they are now also offering the option for contactless curbside pickup at participating locations nationwide. More than 11,000 Subway stores will now give customers the choice to select contactless curbside pickup via the Subway app or website.

Subway now has a contactless curbside pickup option

After placing their order, customers simply have to park in the designated curbside location at their local Subway store and tap the "I'm here" button in the app. A masked and gloved Subway employee will then bring the order out to the car. For additional safety, all orders will even be sealed with a tamper-proof sticker and placed on a separate tray.

"Subway is all about choice and now with Contactless Curbside pick-up available nationwide at participating Subway restaurants, guests have another safe and easy option to get their favorite Footlong sandwiches when and how they want them. [...] Pick-up is just one more way Subway offers guests quick and convenient options to stay safe and get their sandwich fix," the chain said of their decision in a press release, via PR Newswire.

If they want to avoid interaction with others entirely, Subway customers also have the option to select contactless pickup. They can simply place their order on the app and pick it up themselves from a designated pickup spot inside the restaurant, according to QSR magazine.