1 In 3 People Think They Can Cook This Dish Better Than Gordon Ramsay

It doesn't matter how talented of a chef you are — going up against Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen would be intimidating at best and embarrassing at worst. At least, that's what we would think (just watch an episode of Hell's Kitchen or Master Chef and you'll agree!). However, according to a recent poll by Mashed, there's a surprising number of "normal people" who believe they could cook certain dishes better than the celebrity chef.

The poll surveyed 555 people across the U.S. on which of the following they thought they could outperform Mr. Ramsay in: steak, burgers, scrambled eggs, cupcakes, or beef Wellington. While it isn't shocking that only about three percent of respondents chose beef Wellington (Gordon's self-declared signature dish), it is shocking that nearly a third of people all chose one dish in particular. Almost one in three people believe they can outdo the famous Brit when it comes to breakfast, specifically scrambled eggs.

Just hand them some eggs and a pan

Scrambled eggs have long been a staple breakfast in America. In fact, a YouGov survey found that 36 percent of people prefer their eggs scrambled (rather over easy or sunny-side up, for instance). It seems like the easiest of dishes to (literally) whip up in the morning, which we suspect is why so many poll respondents feel confident that they could prepare it better than Gordon.

However, there are regular scrambled eggs and then there are Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs. For the celebrity chef, simply whisking up some eggs and calling it good enough just won't cut it. According to The Kitchn, Gordon has a few secrets to making the best scrambled eggs. Not only does he crack his eggs directly into a cold pan (instead of pre-heating it like many of us do), but he also adds a splash of crème fraîche at the end for an extra creamy texture along with a sprinkle of fresh chives for both color and flavor.