Burger King Japan's Massive New Burger Doesn't Come With A Bun

Burger King Japan's latest burger isn't here to mess around. The Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger, which launched in Japan last Friday, according to Business Insider, replaces the buns with more meat. It features cheese, lettuce, and gherkins sandwiched between four beef patties. The whole burger, which is almost entirely beef, weighs in at 1.12 pounds. For context, the Whopper is only a quarter pound of beef (via BK), so the Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger is effectively four whole whoppers.

According to Japanese new hub SoraNews24, this massive burger is only sold after 2 pm, which we guess makes sense — can you imagine having a pound of beef before noon? Of course, that's assuming you can imagine eating this whole thing by yourself at all. It's available until December 3rd — it's a 14-day deal — and it costs 1,400 yen, which is about $13.50 in the U.S. For 1,700 yen ($16.25), you can get it with french fries and a medium drink.

Quite the accomplishment

As Twitter user @LoserBait shows us, the burger comes with a sticker bragging, "I did it." After all, why would you eat an entire pound of meat in one sitting if not for bragging rights? LoserBait's review of the burger? "Ate the...Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger in just over a minute. It was pretty good." Another Twitter user, @OniMuscle, brags, "Oh yeah, we did it! We ate Japan #burgerking Extreme One Pound Beef Burger. Four patties (of which two are the buns) and man it was great!"

Along with the Extreme Super One Pound Beef Burger, Burger King Japan is also bringing back the Maximum Super One Pound Beef Burger, which is all the same ingredients sandwiched between a sesame bun, in case the Extreme wasn't enough food for you. The Maximum costs customers  1,600 yen ($15.29) for just the burger or 1,900 yen ($18.16) for the set with a burger, fries, and drink.