The Sandwich You Can Only Get In Australian Subways

It's hard to believe that global sandwich shop, Subway, with, as its website reports, franchises in countries like Brazil, China, India, Macau and Australia, got its humble start in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965. It was there that a nuclear physicist and a college freshman became partners creating made to order sandwiches (via Subway). Fast forward to today, and per Statista, this franchise favorite has 41,600 stores across the globe. And similar to companies like McDonald's and Chick-fil-A that offer menu options unique to the countries and regions they call home, Subway does the same. In fact, according to, even some of the ingredients are unique to the country. When talking about the bread they use in Australia, a spokesperson for Subway told the site, "Bread served in Australian restaurants has been formulated especially for our Australian guests and the dough is prepared by Australian suppliers." 

It only seems natural then that they would offer up a sandwich there that is so unique, delicious, and only available in Australia that it has the rest of us coveting. This sandwich is so loved in Australia, the Daily Mail reported that Subway said it was its fourth most popular selling sandwich in 2018. What sandwich is it?

Subway in Australia offers a Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich

According to the Subway menu for Down Under, the franchise offers a chicken schnitzel sandwich that is flavorful and "hearty," and contains fried, breaded chicken that is pleasing to the taste buds. As Lifehacker reports, schnitzel is so well liked in Australia, Subway even offered a schnitzel and slaw sandwich for a limited time in 2015. Per Canberra Times, schnitzel is such a popular meal in Australia, some believe it should be the country's national dish. But what does it taste like? A review on Youtube posted by GoJo said the chicken looked like the "real deal" and that it was "jammed pack with goodies." He also concludes that is, indeed, a good tasting sandwich.

But just because you can't run down the street to your local Subway, and since you probably don't have travel plans to Australia any time soon to get one of these tasty sandwiches, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the chicken schnitzel sandwich goodness. Consider making your own schnitzel and slaw using this recipe from BBC Good FoodAnd if you feel like traveling over 9,400 miles from the central United States for a taste of this particular Australian Subway classic, polish off your passport. And bon appétit.