Aldi Fans Can't Get Enough Of These Festive Pizzas

Frozen pizzas come to save the day whenever we feel too tired to cook or just want to enjoy the flavors of Italy. The popularity of this frozen specialty has only grown — according to Statista, over 200 million Americans enjoyed frozen pizza in 2020 and the numbers continue to grow. Aldi tapped into this sentiment and has something in store for anyone wanting to indulge in a festive dinner while enjoying the classic tastes of pizza this holiday season.

The super cheap grocery chain has begun to carry Mama Cozzi's festive star and tree-shaped pizzas. Instagrammer theamazingaldi posted a picture of the new pizzas with the caption "How cute are these holiday pizzas?!" which garnered almost 2,000 likes and responses from fans that ranged from "omg! Love!!!" to "I need the one on the right ASAP."  The comments also contained a vast amount of speculation of when the pizzas would come to local stores and whether the new pizzas would resemble Mama Cozzi's fall-themed pizzas. 

The star pizza comes topped with cheddar cheese, mozzarella pearls, and red and green bell peppers, while the Christmas tree pizza comes with a selection of spinach, cheddar cheese, green and red bell peppers, and a creamy pesto sauce. If those toppings can't get you excited to bring home one of these holiday-themed meals, the price tag of $3.99 makes them an excellent and affordable choice anyone can get excited over.

Festive stars and trees

Everyone who craves some variety in their pizzas can rest easy if they get the chance to snatch one of these pies up. According to Kitchn, Mama Cozzi offers up more than 60 pizza varieties each year at Aldi, but none of these choices can match the festive spirit that the holiday star and tree pizzas serve up. If you can't wait to get your hands on these seasonal offerings, make sure to move fast. According to Aldi, quantities of the pizza are limited, they may not appear at every store, and Aldi may limit the number of pizzas sold based on the location, so don't hesitate to claim your festive Mama Cozzi pizza.

If you love all things seasonal and can't get enough pizza, this deal combines the best of both worlds and leaves you craving more. Next time hunger strikes and you want a taste of Italy that can satisfy your deepest hunger and also fills you with the holiday spirit, swing by your local Aldi and grab one or three of these specialty pizzas while you can. Once the holidays come to a close, no one knows the fate of these pies, so do yourself and your stomach a favor and try out some of these top flavors that might just keep you coming back for more.