These New Holiday-Themed Whipped Creams Have Aldi Fans Excited

Whipped cream has brightened the lives of every dessert aficionado for centuries. According to Medium, the fluffy cream made its first well-known appearance at the court of King Louis the XIV in 1661, and by the 1930s, English scientists figured out a way to combine nitrous oxide with cream to create the dairy topping in a can we know and love. With such a long history, you might wonder why more entrepreneurial brands haven't capitalized on other flavors of cream. For those of us looking for some new flavors and a fun way to roll in the holidays, the wait has ended.

According to Instagram user aldi.mademedoit, Aldi now carries the ultimate whipped cream in a can for anyone looking to celebrate the holidays with some seasonal flavors. The user raves, "Run run as fast as you can!! @aldiusa has chocolate and peppermint mocha whip cream in a can [sic] Yes I bought both and you should too!!! Who else is so dang excited?!" The post received almost 1,400 likes and was met with comments like "I'm so excited for these! I keep looking every time!!" and "Ahhhh!!!! How did I miss these??????" while many other replies pondered which flavor tasted better and when we can find these at our local Aldi. While the new creams have created a massive buzz, don't expect to find them everywhere, at least just yet.

A flavor for every mood

Friendly Farms isn't a stranger to seasonal flavors. The brand recently paired with Aldi to roll out a pumpkin spice and maple vanilla-flavored whipped cream to coincide with Thanksgiving (via Aldi), and with the season coming to a close, these limited-time flavors have begun to disappear, leaving room for the new chocolate and peppermint mocha creams and helping us get in the holiday spirit. The new winter whipped cream flavors hit shelves soon just in time for temperature drops and hot chocolate season to begin.

While details of the new flavors have yet to emerge on Aldi's website, the previous fall flavors had varying prices based on location and might not have been available in every store. Whether you want to spice up your baking with a new topping, or just take in some extra culinary holiday cheer, the time has arrived to swipe up these hot new products. To get some seasonal cheer in your fridge soon, keep an eye out at your local Aldi and brace yourself to find your new favorite cake or ice cream topping soon!