Here's How To Try The New Meat Chipotle Is Testing Out

If you're a Chipotle regular, you may count on the chain for a reliably tasty (and reliably huge) burrito, but you probably don't get very excited about eating there anymore. After all, the menu remains more or less constant, and there are only so many times you can rotate between the same six burrito fillings before they start to lose their novelty. 

Now, fans of the chain living in Sacramento or Cincinnati can switch things up and try out Chipotle's latest protein option: Smoked Brisket. According to RTTNews, the beef brisket, which is seared daily on the grill, is seasoned with a sauce made from Mexican peppers and a specialized blend of spices. 

Customers can order Chipotle's Smoked Brisket in the restaurant, on the website, via their mobile phones, or for contact-free delivery at the 64 Sacramento, California and Cincinnati, Ohio locations where the chain is piloting this new protein option.

Chipotle's brisket is still in the trial phase

"We're thrilled to offer a new, responsibly-sourced brisket that tastes terrific and meets our industry-leading Food with Integrity standards," the chain's Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt announced in the Chipotle press release. "The richness of our real Smoked Brisket recipe delivers a craveable new flavor to our guests as we continue to innovate across our menu."

What about if you're not in Cincinnati or Sacramento, and you still want to try the Smoked Brisket at some point? That depends on how it does at the 64 locations where it's currently available. 

"Chipotle is leveraging its stage-gate process to listen, test and learn from customer feedback, and iterate before deciding on a national launch strategy," the release states. This stage-gate process is the trial system that brought Carne Asada, Supergreens Salad Mix, and Queso Blanco to Chipotle menus nationwide. The chain is also currently testing out Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice at locations in Denver and Wisconsin and trying a digital-only quesadilla in Cleveland and Indianapolis. So just know, Cincinnati or Sacramento burrito fans, brisket lovers nationwide are counting on you.