Wendy's Is Giving Away Breakfast Baconators. Here's How To Get One For Free

Two words: free sandwiches. And if you're anything like us, you have a weakness for the holy breakfast sandwich combo of bread, eggs, and cheese. And if you're looking to spend a little less on your breakfast habit, Wendy's is giving away free Breakfast Baconators until December 27th (via Delish). This sandwich is a pretty new addition to the menu, and it's a take on their original Baconator, which is essentially an extra bacon-y cheeseburger (via Today). The breakfast version swaps out hamburger patties for breakfast sausage, and adds in an egg, plus Swiss cheese sauce in addition to the classic American (via Wendy's).

But there's a catch. Well, a couple, and we'll leave it for you to weigh your options. To take advantage of the offer, you'll have to download the Wendy's mobile app and make another purchase through it to get the free sammy (via Thrillist and Delish). The mobile app is free, and you can opt for a drink or a side to get the free Breakfast Baconator — one per week — as part of a reduced price meal. You can also find a QR code from the app to scan at an IRL location to grab breakfast on the go.

Why Wendy's is giving away breakfast

Wendy's isn't just giving away food for free from the kindness of their hearts — it's part of a push to promote their breakfast menu in a category that's not only been hugely competitive for fast food chains, but one that's suffered from a COVID-induced lack of foot traffic (via WSJ and Forbes). Wendy's wants your cash, and they'll throw in a free Breakfast Baconator if it will get to their door instead of their competition, which they've never been shy about trolling (via the Drum). Wendy's even went so far as to run ads in Times Square in a McDonald's takedown campaign and tweeted a picture of an Egg McMuffin's tombstone. They'll do a lot to get butts in seats ... or bacon in mouths?

But for essential workers who need breakfast for work, people who've been strapped for cash lately, or anyone who could just use a cheap, quick breakfast, this promotion is a pro move. Word is, this menu item is the best addition to their breakfast lineup yet, with a good balance of soft bun, hollandaise-ish sauce, and lots of bacon (via Thrillist and Delish). Thrillist also keeps a running list of where to go for free food, and one for where healthcare workers and first responders can get comped and discounted meals. We'll pull through, ya'll.