Every Wendy's Breakfast Item, Ranked Worst To Best

While Wendy's has been attempting to make their breakfast menu a thing since the 1980s, they've only had intermittent success throughout the years. Although they will remain primarily known for their phenomenal square burgers for the foreseeable future, Wendy's has recently taken steps to move up in the rankings when it comes to the best fast food breakfast menus in the country.

Truth be told, their breakfast menu is still a work in progress. Though Wendy's has some very good breakfast items, they also have some forgettable duds that you should avoid at all costs. For that reason, make sure you read this entire ranking and take good notes before you head to Wendy's with breakfast in mind. If you order the wrong thing, you could be in for a world of hurt. Conversely, if you order the right breakfast item, you'll be patting yourself on the back as you brag to your friends about your delicious breakfast meal.

14. Wendy's Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit

If you've eaten a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit from Whataburger, you know the amazing potential of this breakfast concoction. While Whataburger's version is one of the very best breakfast sandwiches available through a fast food window, Wendy's version is a complete and total flop. Compared to the glorious sandwich you get at Whataburger, the Wendy's Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit is like taking a big bite of random garbage rotting at your local landfill.

The buttermilk biscuit and the fillet of chicken aren't necessarily terrible. The biscuit is a bit too floury and the chicken is smaller than you're imagining, however neither of those aspects is a fatal flaw. What really kills the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit from Wendy's is the honey butter. Instead of just mixing honey and butter together to create a happy marriage, Wendy's added other ingredients like maple syrup and soybean oil. The result is a sauce that tastes overpoweringly synthetic.

The honey butter is way too sweet and it will have even your sweet tooth waving a white flag. Sadly, the disgusting honey butter is the only thing you will taste when you take a bite of this sandwich. It won't be long before you toss this breakfast sandwich in the trash — where it belongs.

13. Wendy's Fresh Baked Oatmeal Bar

If you're rushing to work, you may be tempted to stop at Wendy's for a Fresh Baked Oatmeal Bar. It sounds like a quick, healthy food that you can eat as you navigate through traffic, right? Unfortunately, every aspect of that thought is incorrect. First of all, the Fresh Baked Oatmeal Bar is so chewy that it's not something you can quickly gobble down. You'll need a large drink at your side to help you in swallowing this breakfast bar.

Secondly, Wendy's oatmeal bar isn't even healthy. It has 270 calories, ten grams of fat (including four grams of saturated fat), and 44 grams of carbs (including 23 grams of sugar). Thirdly, the Fresh Baked Oatmeal Bar is messy. If you try to eat this while you drive, you'll end up with a shocking amount of crumbs all over your clothes. You'll need to spend a couple minutes brushing yourself off in order to become presentable once again. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, this bar doesn't even taste good. The texture is poor and the taste is even worse.

With all the failings of this bar, you might as well skip Wendy's and grab your favorite candy bar instead if you really want a bar for breakfast. At least you can thoroughly enjoy the candy bar.

12. Wendy's Sausage Biscuit

Unless you are one of the most boring human beings on the face of the planet, there's no good reason for you to even think about ordering the Sausage Biscuit at Wendy's. This sandwich is so boring that you're at risk of falling back to sleep if you eat this thing for breakfast.

The Sausage Biscuit is as simple as it sounds. A decently sized sausage patty sits between two halves of a buttermilk biscuit. Typically, you'd expect a biscuit and a sausage patty to be a safe pairing but Wendy's has managed to bungle this simple task. The main issue is that the sausage patty isn't hot and overflowing with juices like the patties you find at other fast food restaurants. Instead, their sausage has a bad habit of being room temperature and being devoid of any juices. The snooze-worthy result is a dry biscuit holding together a forgettable sausage patty. Look elsewhere on Wendy's breakfast menu before you settle for this dull sandwich.

11. Wendy's Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich

The Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich has a few things going for it. Wendy's has consistently hot and yummy eggs in addition to perfectly melted slices of American cheese. While the sausage patty isn't anything special, it does its job well enough.

While the trio of the eggs, cheese, and sausage will entice your taste buds, this particular sandwich is ruined by the bread. Wendy's uses what they consider to be a breakfast roll when creating this sandwich. In actuality, the so-called roll is a disaster. Right when you get this sandwich, the bread has a poor texture and the texture gets worse and worse the longer you wait to eat it. In a matter of minutes, you'll have a stale roll on your hands that is nearly inedible.

If you order the Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, make sure that you eat it quickly. While it's still a below average breakfast option, it'll taste much better at that point than if you decide to wait.

10. Wendy's Seasoned Potatoes

If you order a breakfast combo from Wendy's, Seasoned Potatoes are the default side order. If you are smart, you'll quickly change your side order. Even if you just go with the strawberries or apple bites, it will be a big, big improvement.

The Seasoned Potatoes at Wendy's are a worse version of their fries. Considering that Wendy's fries are middle of the road when it comes to the best fast food fries on the market, that's far from a ringing endorsement. If you hate Wendy's fries, you will absolutely despise these bites of potato.

The worst attribute of the Seasoned Potatoes is their sogginess. Instead of a crispy, enjoyable texture, these potato-based disappointments turn into a mushy mess once they enter your mouth. Wendy's seasons them well with a mixture of garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and salt but their soggy nature just can't be overlooked.

Even if you're in a hurry and even if you like their fries, don't let Wendy's get away with giving you Seasoned Potatoes as your breakfast side order. You'll regret it.

9. Wendy's Sausage, Egg & Cheese Burrito

While you can find many great fast food breakfast burritos, you're playing with fire if you order the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Burrito from Wendy's. The consistency of what you get from Wendy's when you order this breakfast burrito is lacking, to put it kindly. Sometimes, you get a perfectly acceptable burrito. However, at other times you will get something that can only be described as a deformed conglomeration of burrito-like substances. What you'll end up with on any given morning is truly a crapshoot.

Even if you get lucky and get a good Sausage, Egg & Cheese Burrito, the upside is limited because Wendy's doesn't have any good salsa options. If you want your breakfast burrito to be spicy, don't go here.

If you get unlucky, you will kick yourself for starting your day off so poorly. Not only can these burritos from Wendy's be flavorless, they can also be quite messy if they're not put together properly.

8. Wendy's Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

The Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit is the safer version of the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Burrito. While Wendy's can sometimes struggle with handling a tortilla, they are much less likely to mess up a biscuit. Though this breakfast sandwich won't be winning any culinary awards, it will reliably taste exactly the same from day to day.

Although the previously mentioned Sausage Biscuit is undeniably boring, this sandwich has solved that problem by adding an egg and a slice of American cheese to the equation. The egg adds a savory goodness, while the gooey cheese ensures that the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit will never be too dry.

This breakfast sandwich would be higher in the ranking but it's just not filling enough. You may be tempted to eat two or three of these things, but considering that each one has over 600 calories, you are at risk of ruining your diet before lunchtime even arrives.

7. Wendy's Classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Anyone who frequently visits Wendy's knows that this fast food company has great bacon, as it graces the top of many of their best burgers. Tragically, not even Wendy's fantastic bacon can save the Classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich. Compared to the Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, the bacon is a huge upgrade over the sausage patty.

Though the bacon, egg, and cheese coexist in marvelous fashion, this breakfast item is ruined by the same roll that doomed their other classic sandwich. In fact, the best thing you can do is remove the roll altogether and eat the insides. Sure, that's a messy proposal but you won't miss the roll at all — especially if it has already started to become stale.

Even if you eat this breakfast sandwich with the roll intact, it still only has only 320 calories. Compared to something like the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, it almost classifies as health food.

6. Wendy's Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

While the biscuits from Wendy's aren't especially noteworthy, they're definitely a step up from the bun you find on their classic sandwiches. As a result, their Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit deserves the next spot on this ranking, as it's a notable improvement on the Classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich.

The biscuit does a great job of soaking in the savory goodness from the bacon, egg, and cheese. Even if you don't eat it right away, this breakfast sandwich will stay soft enough for you to enjoy. It may sound strange but in some ways the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit is even better when it's cold. With that in mind, don't hesitate to purchase two or three of these breakfast sandwiches and eat them throughout the day.

If you want to counterbalance the savoriness of this sandwich, consider ordering a Chocolate Frosty-ccino. This sweet treat is a combination of coffee and Wendy's famous chocolate frosty. It's every bit as good as it sounds and the caffeine will help you tackle the rest of your day.

5. Wendy's Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant

When it comes to breakfast bread options at Wendy's, their croissants are in a class of their own. It's honestly not even a close competition. Wendy's croissants are so flaky and so buttery that they can go toe to toe against any other croissants you can find.

While their sausage patties aren't memorable, everything else about the Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant is spectacular. Start with the egg, which is dependably perfect. Then you add a Swiss cheese sauce that is ultimately creamy and surprisingly good. Holding everything together is the scrumptious croissant. This thing is bigger than you think so if you've never tried it before, know that you just need to order one to completely fill yourself up.

Tip: If you want to eat this sandwich at its best, eat it while it's still piping hot. If you accidentally let it cool off, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and it'll be amazing once again.

4. Wendy's Sausage Gravy & Biscuit

The most surprising breakfast item on Wendy's menu is the Sausage Gravy & Biscuit. Many fast food joints offer something similar, so it's difficult to stand out in the crowded field. However, Wendy's version is so yummy that you'll visit again and again just to have another bite.

The yumminess of this breakfast item almost defies logic. The biscuit is the same biscuit found on other Wendy's breakfast foods, so by itself it's nothing special. The key that unlocks all the flavor is the sausage gravy. Wendy's mixes together chunks of sausage in a white gravy and the result is a home run. Unlike other sausage gravy, there is enough added spice that it is able to keep your attention and keep your taste buds dancing.

Another good thing about this breakfast meal is that Wendy's includes more than enough gravy. After the biscuit is gone, you'll still have more gravy left to eat. Thankfully, you won't hesitate for a second to use your fingers to get every last speck of gravy in your mouth.

3. Wendy's Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant

While the Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant is really, really good, it might not be as good as you're expecting given what's included in this sandwich. Wendy's legendary bacon, perfect eggs, and Swiss cheese sauce on a butter-laden croissant should top the list, right? Not quite. While you won't be disappointed at all, it's not a revolutionary breakfast sandwich.

What holds the Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant back from cracking the top two on this ranking? It's the Swiss cheese sauce. While the sauce is good, it doesn't play well with the bacon. The combination is too messy and too greasy. In this setting, a slice of actual Swiss cheese would do a lot better than the sauce. If Wendy's listens and one day replaces the sauce with a slice of Swiss cheese, this breakfast option could live up to the hype.

As it is, you can order the Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant with confidence. However, keep your expectations in check.

2. Wendy's Breakfast Baconator

As long as you know what to expect, you'll be super pleased with the Breakfast Baconator from Wendy's. First of all, the Breakfast Baconator doesn't have any beef. Instead of a beef patty, it has a sausage patty. Secondly, it has the same bun that you can find on the regular Baconator. That fact should actually be considered good news because this bun is so soft and luscious that it practically melts in your mouth.

Laying on top of the sausage patty is a slice of American cheese. On top of the cheese is a layer of bacon followed by an egg layer. Resting on the egg is another American cheese slice. On top of that is a second layer of bacon. Finally, the top layer is some of that Swiss cheese sauce you can find on the Bacon, Egg & Swiss Croissant and the Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant.

All told, this breakfast sandwich is teeming with flavor. It's not for the faint of heart but if you awake in the morning with an insatiable hunger, the Breakfast Baconator is the sandwich for the job. If you can't eat it all for breakfast, you can save it and you'll have a yummy head start on lunch.

1. Wendy's Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant

The Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant is easily the best breakfast item Wendy's offers. It combines the greatness of the croissant and the greatness of the bacon to create something you'll be thinking about for the rest of the day. Add in the crispy chicken breast and this thing reaches levels of perfection rarely seen in the world of fast food breakfast sandwiches.

You should take your time and enjoy the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant as you eat it. As you savor each bite, note the subtle flavors of maple and applewood from the bacon along with the rich buttery taste from the croissant. The juices from the chicken breast make the experience even more enjoyable.

If you want to take this sandwich even better, don't be shy about asking for extra bacon. A Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant with extra bacon is capable of cheering you up on even the darkest of days.