Aldi Just Released Yet Another Boozy Holiday Calendar

When boozy holiday calendars come to mind, you might think of all kinds of wine and whiskey advent calendars. Boozy advent calendars typically have a treat for every day between the first of December up to Christmas day. But Aldi's latest alcohol-infused holiday calendar is actually one that counts down the days between Christmas and New Year's Day. That means you can have a deliciously tipsy treat to celebrate the end of December and bring in the new year.

The beloved budget grocery retailer took to Instagram on December 1st to announce their new sparkling wine countdown calendar. In the post, Aldi told fans that they could raise a glass to 2021 with the new sparkling wine countdown coming Wednesday, December 2 when the set would be released. The countdown calendar includes seven mini bottles of sparkling wine so you can sip your way into the new year. Not to mention, it is only $24.99, making this a complete steal. That means each bottle is just over $3.50, and you really can't beat that.

Here's what you need to know about Aldi's countdown sparkling wine

Aldi's Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year calendar includes seven 187-milliliter bottles of various sparkling wines for you to try. For those who prefer ounces to milliliters, each bottle is a little more than six fluid ounces. The wines are quite varied in their alcohol by volume levels, and each hails from notable sparkling wine countries in Europe. There's no doubt there's a bottle that everyone will enjoy in this calendar (via Aldi).

As far as the seven kinds of wines go, the first bottle is Francois Fouché Brut from France with an 11 percent alcohol by volume content. The next bottle is a Spanish cava, Heretat el Padruell, and is 11.5 percent alcohol by volume. Then comes the first of the Italian Belletti sparkling wines. The third bottle is Belletti Moscato D'Asti at 5.5 percent alcohol by volume. Next is a slightly more alcoholic sparkling wine, Belletti Moscato Rosé at seven percent. Next is Belletti Prosecco, which rings in at 11 percent. After that is Belletti Sparkling Rosé Extra Dry which is also 11 percent. The last bottle is Gourmandises Demi-Sec Sparkling Chardonnay ICE which is another French bottle and one of the booziest at 11.5 percent alcohol.

So, visit your local Aldi as soon as you can and pick up a couple of these to gift and enjoy for yourself.