Aldi Fans Are So Excited About These Festive Ice Cream Sandwiches

For us, the holidays don't officially start until stores begin stocking all those sugary treats that go hand in hand with celebrating the season; and if you've recently been to your local Trader Joe's or Aldi, you've almost definitely started spotting the festive snacks. Luckily, there are also plenty of social media accounts out there to keep us apprised of the various holiday drops, and Instagrammer @aldi.mademedoit recently spotted a fan favorite: FatBoy premium Holiday Peppermint flavored ice cream sandwiches.

While these ice cream sandwiches aren't exclusive to Aldi, that is one place we can confirm they've definitely been spotted, so fans are already rushing out to their local Aldi to try and get their hands on a box. In fact, @aldi.mademedoit's post gained over 1,000 likes in less than a day, with comments like "These are so bananas delicious" and "I NEED THESE. I hope my ALDI has them."

Why you might not be able to find these ice cream sandwiches

You might be familiar with the FatBoy vanilla, cookies and cream, s'mores, mint chip, chocolate chip, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream sandwiches, which are available year-round. However, their holiday flavors (peppermint and eggnog) are limited edition for the holiday season, which means if you want to try them you'd better snap them up quick (via FatBoy). In fact, according to the Walmart website, their peppermint sandwiches are already out of stock and can't currently be ordered online for delivery or pickup.

So if you're looking to pick up some of these popular holiday treats, your best bet is probably to check out the frozen section of your local stores that stock FatBoy products and hope that the other ice cream fans haven't beaten you to the punch. For those who don't have an Aldi nearby, try ShopRite, where FatBoy ice cream sandwiches have been known to go on sale for up to 50 percent off or more (via Living Rich with Coupons). Lee's Marketplace is another option, since the official @fatboyicecream Instagram shouted it out as a definite stocker of the peppermint ice cream sandwiches this season.