Lay's New Chip Flavor Is Coming Just In Time For The Super Bowl

What's a football game without a bag of chips? When the Super Bowl rolls around in February, one of the biggest pre-game conversations will be the game menu. Pizza, wings, chili, seven-layer dip, guacamole, spinach dip — you get the idea. All those dips need plenty of chips. This year, Lay's is thinking ahead, and combining a favorite game-day food with a chip and introducing Game Day Chili-flavored chips, for a limited time (via Best Products).

Lay's Game Day Chili-flavored chips are formulated to mimic the taste of tomatoes, chili peppers, onion, garlic, and Tex-Mex spices, according to a Lay's PR rep, while the product bag describes a bowl of chili with cheese, sour cream and chives, according to Best Products. A few years ago, Lay's had a chip called Game Day, which had a similar flavor profile. We're not sure how this new chip compares to the former. Frito Lay recently conducted its annual Snack Index Survey (via PR Newswire), finding that Americans are craving more snacks, especially snacks that remind them of comfort foods, such as chili.

How to integrate Game Day Chili chips into game day

While Lay's Game Day Chili chips undoubtedly taste great on their own, why stop there? Crumble them on top of your homemade chili, toss some on that foot-long sub, or crush them up and use them to bread cheese sticks or mac-n-cheese bites. Want more? Chips can be used in countless ways, according to Cooking Panda (which calls some of the recipes "unholy but delicious"). Craving something sweet? Drizzle melted chocolate over the chips for a spicy-sweet combo, or sprinkle chips into chocolate caramel brownies.

Need a great chili recipe to combine with Lay's Game Day Chili chips? Certainly the purists would disagree, but the rest of us know that anything goes with chili. Choose your favorite meats, beans, vegetables, or no meat at all for a vegetarian chili. Cook it quick on the stovetop, simmer it for hours, or cook it all day in the slow cooker. Chili is hard to mess up when you choose the ingredients that you love and let it wrap you in warmth and comfort (via Food & Wine).