People Can't Wait To Try Martha Stewart's Family Cookie Recipe

Martha Stewart is a domestic icon, so when she releases her favorite recipes we are of course very interested. The entrepreneur recently went on Instagram Live and showed us how she makes one of the classics: chocolate chip cookies. However, Stewart has a unique twist she uses when making these chocolatey treats. The kitchen maven recently admitted in an interview she's been cooking and baking more because she's been stuck at home just like the rest of us. "I try to make the best of this time by cooking, by crafting, by gardening... by doing all the things I actually really love to do, and sometimes don't have enough time to do," she said, per EatingWell. Stewart explained that baking is definitely one of her favorite hobbies and that "sharing cookies is a real joy."

Stewart explained the recipe she shared in her Instagram Live video was taken from her daughter, Alexis, and it calls for more brown sugar than most other chocolate chip cookie recipes. Stewart's version calls for three cups of packed light-brown sugar and only one cup of granulated sugar. Typically, chocolate chip cookie recipes use much less or even no brown sugar, like this one from Allrecipes. While the appearance of the cookie might look a little different using Stewart's technique, the method ultimately makes for a very moist and chewy cookie (via Home Made Simple) — but not everyone in the comment section of the video was convinced.

Some fans were skeptical about Martha Stewart's cookie recipe

There seemed to be some debate in the comment section of the Instagram post about whether flat cookies are a good or bad thing. One social media user commented, "Nope. Flat overdone crispy cookies. Pass." Another doubter weighed in and wrote, "I'm sure they taste good, but most people try to avoid flat puddles of cookies."

However, other fans of the cookies raved about how good they were and thought they looked amazing. One Instagram user said they liked the appearance, "They look thin crispy and delish!!" Another commented, "We've been making these for 15 years. Best cookie of my life." Looks like the only real way to know for sure is by testing them out for ourselves!

If you're firmly in the no-flat-cookies camp and chocolate cake is your preferred treat, Stewart still has you covered. In the same Instagram Live video and subsequent post, she also shared her flourless chocolate cake recipe, which looks equally delicious to us. A fan of the recipe wrote they make the cake when they have guests over and they always rave about it. So whether you enjoy cookies or cake, you can rest assured that Stewart has your back.