Aldi Shoppers Are Excited About These Giant Holiday Cookie Cutters

If, for some reason beyond our comprehension, ninjabread man and ugly sweater-shaped cookie cutters don't put you in the mood, Aldi's got a counteroffer. As of this week, you can pick up a single, giant gingerbread house or snowman-shaped cookie cutter to supersize your holiday baking fun. Aldi promises that each cookie cutter will churn out 20 to 21 cookies at a time. And really, imagine the possibilities. We're not mathematicians around here, but it doesn't take a genius to do the calculations. If you buy one of each, you can press up to 42 cookies at a time, which is certainly enough to feed all of your favorite holiday characters, including Rudolph, the Grinch, Buddy the Elf, Frosty the Snowman, Cindy Lou Who, and even Scrooge.

Then again, if just 20 at a time is enough for you, pick the snowman if you want tree, star, bell, candy cane, snowman, and stocking-shaped cookies. Pick the gingerbread house if you prefer tree, star, candy cane, and large and small house-shaped cookies.

What Aldi shoppers are saying about Aldi's giant cookie cutters

Aldi announced the cookie cutters on its Instagram page, and in doing so, it's already turning baking skeptics into fanatics. "I want everything in this one and I bake 10 times a year," admitted one Aldi fan. "Look at these giant cookie cutters! I'm obsessed," raved another. "Aldi is back at it again with their genius ideas!" exclaimed a third. "I love it," gushed a fourth. "Ain't nobody got time or dough to waste this year baby." Which are our sentiments, exactly.

According to their descriptions, each cookie cutter will cost you $6.99 and is made out of stainless steel. (Again, we're not mathematicians, but that comes to around 33 cents a cookie.) Their top edges are smooth-hemmed "for safety," which is perfect for little holiday bakers. Best of all, these babies are dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is likely to be minimal.