Aldi Fans Can't Wait To Try These Adorable Holiday Cookie Kits

Holiday cookies are to December like macaroni is to cheese, like peaches are to cream, and like cinnamon is to sugar. Holiday baking goes with family like elves go with the North Pole or like the Grinch goes with his faithful dog, Max. But Aldi's quirky Christmas cookie sets are like nothing else. Seriously.

The Instagram handle @theamazingaldi spotted two Crafty Cooking holiday cookie kits at Aldi on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, and Aldi shoppers have thought about nothing since. Crafty Cooking's Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookie Kit comes with sugar cookie mix, red and green frosting mixes, candy cane shaped candies, heart sprinkles, snowflakes with red and green sprinkles, rainbow grande nonpareils, two piping bags, and sweater shaped cookie cutter. Another option is Crafty Cooking's Ninjabread Gingerbread Cookie Kit, which comes with gingerbread cookie mix, Royal icing mix, candy beads, a piping bag, and four ninja cookie cutters. 

Don't be an Ebenezer Scrooge. Pick them both up. All the other Aldi shoppers on Instagram are planning to. "Plan on letting my son and stepdaughter bake them and decorate them on Christmas Eve while watching Christmas movies and drinking cocoa," wrote one excited Aldi fan. "Our daughter made this and they were adorable! And believe it or not they tasted super good too!" raved another. 

Bakers across the United States tell tales about Aldi's Crafty Cooking Kits

If you prefer to eat your sugar cookies in the shape of ugly sweaters, you'll need eggs, butter, powdered sugar, and milk in addition to Crafty Cooking's cookie kit. If, on the other hand, you're a ninjabread fan, stock up on honey, butter, and powdered sugar. Hint: you may well need to refrigerate both batters before baking. Crafty Cooking recommends putting their sugar cookie dough in the fridge for 10 minutes if it becomes too sticky, while if you're making their gingerbread dough, you'll want to allot 30 minutes of fridge time before rolling it out.

Bakers across the United States have been making these cookies for years now, and they're rarely disappointed. Instagram handle @hometeampizza made the ugly sweaters earlier this November. "Nieces came to visit and they wanted to bake. Only 2 cookies made the picture the other was eaten quick," they exclaimed. Back in April, in the beginning of a COVID-19-inspired lockdown (right around the time that Ina Garden was making her giant Cosmopolitan), @oursherstonhome whipped up a batch of the ninjabread cookies. "It's been said... half of us will come out of lockdown as bakers or alcoholics... we're testing out baking first," they wrote.