The Worst Thing Daniel Radcliffe Had To Eat On The Set Of Harry Potter

Many of us grew up watching or reading about Harry Potter and dreaming of having our own magical powers. Also, being able to fly on a broom looked like a lot of fun or having a pet owl. However, it wasn't all just fun on set for the star of those films, Daniel Radcliffe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he recently appeared on the show Hot Ones and disclosed some interesting things that happened while filming the movies. Episodes of Hot Ones are hosted by Sean Evans and feature celebrity guests answering personal questions, while trying to eat very hot chicken wings, per IMDB. As the questions get spicier, so do the wings. 

While trying to swallow the hot wings, Radcliffe revealed the rumors about him accidentally breaking wands all the time were exaggerated but partially true. "The wands I broke a lot because I would just like drum on my legs with it all the time," Daniel admitted. "So, once every three or four weeks, it would weaken to the point where it just snapped. So, I would say I was very sorry to the prop master, and he would give me a look like, 'Please stop drumming.'"

Daniel Radcliffe discusses the positive and negatives of what he had to eat on set

The actor also disclosed he ate some very unpleasant things while filming the Harry Potter movies, according to Delish. One specific scene that stands out for Radcliffe is when his character had to eat Gillyweed that gave him the ability to breathe while underwater. He explained the edible prop was made to look like seaweed and was covered in black licorice lace. "I remember by the third or fourth take of that I was like 'oh, how many more of these are we gonna do?'" he said. 

However, not all the food Radcliffe had to eat on the set was bad. The scenes at Hogwarts where the students ate decadent looking breakfasts, were real. "The crazy like banquet scenes at Hogwarts...the breakfasts particularly, where I was just an 11-12-year-old child just piling on fried eggs and bacon and sausages and baked beans every morning for just days," he revealed. "So that was great." Sounds like every child's dream.