Ways You Never Thought To Make Chicken Wings

There's no denying that chicken wings aren't just a game day favorite — they're a Friday night favorite, a weekend favorite, and a party favorite. Buffalo wings are a staple of any good wing repertoire, and if you've already checked out our advice for making perfect wings, try some of these off-the-wall recipes for something completely new that's bound to become a new favorite.

Salt and vinegar

We all know that salt and vinegar chips are one of the best. If you find yourself reaching for a bag of these salty, tangy chips over any other choice but you've never thought of putting that flavor on your chicken wings, you're seriously missing out. No Spoon Necessary has put together this amazing recipe for salt and vinegar wings that's well worth some experimentation. There are fewer ingredients than you might expect — just things like two different types of vinegar, salt, and dry ranch — and you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to capture all that delicious potato chip flavor in these crispy wings.

With soda

You mean you've never considered making a chicken wing marinade with soda? Fortunately for you, The Frugal Girls have put together some awesome recipes you're going to need to try. The first is for root beer chicken wings, and not only do you only need two ingredients for the sauce (root beer and honey BBQ sauce), but it's a crock pot recipe, too! Their Dr. Pepper wing recipe is also a crock pot recipe, and together, they're the perfect duo to put out on your game day table.

There's a reason Coca-Cola is such a popular flavor, and if you reach for it when you're looking for a mixer or a straight-up drink, you'll love it on your wings, too. Tablespoon has whipped together a super-easy recipe for Coca-Cola wings that calls for not just cola, but for an extra-hot kick with hot sauce and paprika. For something even more out-of-the-box, The Cookie Rookie has a recipe for wings that calls for a healthy dose of orange soda for a fresh, light flavor that's completely different from any wings you've tried before.

Boozy wings

Nothing says a fun weekend party like chicken wings and beer, and if the alcohol is already flowing, why not use it to make your wings? Simply Recipes has an awesome recipe for bourbon-glazed wings that aren't just covered with the flavor of this southern favorite, but they've also got a healthy dose of maple syrup for a sweetness that's ideal. Love Foodies has their own take on wings that uses another southern classic — Jack Daniels. With just the right amount of sweet and heat, they're the perfect accompaniment to pizza and ice cold beer.

And if beer is more your style from start to finish, Plain Chicken has the idea for you. They take their chicken wings and let them marinate anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight, soaking in a mixture of beer and brown sugar for a flavor that's going to make the time investment absolutely worth every minute.

With a hint of lime

It's easy to fall into the habit of expecting chicken wings to just be slathered in BBQ or hot sauce, little more than a one-dimensional sort of goodness. But adding a dash of lime can make this old favorite something completely awesome — especially if you're drinking something citrusy! Must Love Home's take on a lime-inspired chicken wing has a dash of sweetness and a bit of spice to go along with their Cajun and lime flavors, and if you're looking for something that's more on the hot side, check out Life Made Sweeter's honey, lime, and Sriracha wings.

My Natural Family has gone down the Asian-inspired road with their sweet and tangy lime chicken wings, adding in the sweetness of honey and finishing them off with an amazing coconut flavor and sesame seeds. And if you're thinking chicken wings have to be fried and have all the unhealthy fats that go along with that, try Wicked Spatula's grilled cilantro lime wings for an option that's light enough it's not going to break your resolution to eat healthy. Their jalapeno ranch dip is good enough to go with any wing, too!

With a hint of orange

Really, what goes better with chicken than the fresh flavor of orange? Will Cook for Smiles bakes their orange wings for something that's a little bit more on the healthy spectrum, and this light option with orange, honey, cloves, and ginger is so good — and easy — you'll be making them just for yourself. Just a Taste bakes their wings, too, but their orange flavor comes from thick orange marmalade instead of fresh oranges for an even sweeter taste.

Fed and Fulfilled uses orange juice to give their wings an orange flavor, along with ginger, apricot preserves, and coconut for something that's super-sweet and super delicious. All that sweetness is cut by garlic and sea salt, then these sticky, delicious wings are sprinkled for scallions for that final touch.

Spicy and nutty Thai

For the family that loves Thai food, how about taking all those wonderful flavors and pairing them with this American classic dish? Just a Taste has a take on Thai wings that not only bakes them to make them feel a little less guilty, but also covers them in a thick, peanut butter sauce. Add soy and ginger, and there's some serious Thai flavors that just won't quit.

And for a spicy Thai wing, check out Cafe Delites for an incredible recipe that's filled with traditional ingredients like coconut sugar, fish sauce, sesame oil, and finished with optional cilantro, red chili flakes, and green onions.

With a kick from hot peppers and fruit

"What do hot peppers and fruit have in common?" you might be asking, and the answer to that needs to be: chicken wings. Start with The Frugal Girl's surprisingly simple recipe for peach chipotle wings. There's only three ingredients — including the wings themselves — and with just peach preserves and honey chipotle BBQ sauce, you'll have some incredible wings after just a few hours in the crock pot. If you prefer apples over peaches, Stonewall Kitchen has a brilliant idea for a wing recipe that packages up some of our favorite flavors: apples, jalapenos, and bourbon.

We can't forget mango! Fast Paleo has some versatile ideas on how to turn mangoes into a chicken wing sauce that will please the entire family, and don't worry, we didn't forget about raspberries, either. What, raspberries? Yes! My Homemade Life uses raspberry preserves in their wings, along with jalapenos and a dash of Worcestershire sauce for a taste that'll have any family asking for this one in the middle of the week.

Wrapped with bacon

Let's face it. It's a sad truth that chicken wings aren't the healthiest option, even when you bake them. So, why not go all the way? Wrap them with bacon, because everything's better with bacon! Thrillist has a recipe for bacon-wrapped wings that definitely isn't for amateurs. With 24 slices of bacon spread over a dozen wings and then cooked in a sauce of whiskey, maple syrup, and soy sauce... well, we don't have to tell you how amazing that sounds.

And for the same concept done with a different flavor profile, take a page from the playbook of Dishing Delish. Their bacon-wrapped wings are done a slice at a time, and finished with chipotle hot sauce, honey, and tequila. Yes, please!

South American-inspired

If you've ever wanted to serve up something at a party that's going to have people asking just what, exactly, this amazing dish is, try Eat the Love's Peruvian chicken wings. They're not just made with a unique spice mix that includes coriander, cumin, paprika, and garlic, but they're also served with a Peruvian sauce made from sour cream, mayo, and cilantro. For something inspired by the flavors of Brazil, Olivia's Cuisine offers up these Brazilian-style wings that are marinated in plenty of garlic overnight.

And it's The Food Network that takes a trip to Argentina with their wings, putting together this recipe for wings made with a spicy chimichurri sauce full of things like paprika, pepper, parsley, and oregano, along with a spicy kick from jalapenos. Serve these up at any party, and your guests will be blown away!


Moroccan flavors might seem like a bit of an off-the-wall choice for something like chicken wings, but not only is that exactly what you should try. Just take a look at Just a Taste's baked Moroccan wings, and see if their combination of cumin, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, and turmeric isn't just what any ordinary wing needs! Even better, they complete the dish with a mint-and-lemon yogurt dip that brings just the right amount of freshness. You can also take some ideas from Perry's Plate, and use their recipe for a Moroccan chicken that's heavy on the garlic for your own chicken wing platter.

Making chicken wings might seem like it's a time-intensive commitment, but nothing could be farther from the truth with Recipes to Nourish's 30-minute Moroccan wings. Serve these alongside a bed of bok choy, add in a handful of cashews, and you have a whole meal in minutes!

With honey

Sure, you like a nice, spicy wing, but how about a sticky one? Carlsbad Cravings has gone semi-traditional with their sticky Buffalo wings, using both Frank's Original Hot Sauce (the only way to make truly traditional wings), along with molasses and honey to add an extra-sticky glaze. For anyone who would choose BBQ over hot sauce, A Night Owl has these crispy, baked wings that are sauced with BBQ sauce and a healthy helping of honey.

Dishes & Dust Bunnies has a version of sticky wings that gets its main flavor from garlic, ketchup, and soy sauce, and even the pros are on board with the idea of turning wings into something sticky and delicious. Jamie Oliver's honey wings use soy sauce, ginger, thyme, and spring onions for a fresh-tasting wing you won't mind getting messy with!

With a balsamic glaze

Sometimes you're not looking for a heavy, thick sauce that's going to hide some of the crisp and crunch of your wings. If that's the case, take a look at She Wears Many Hats and this sweet-and-spicy wing sauce that's made with a base of balsamic vinegar, honey, and as many (or as few) red pepper flakes as you want. It's just the thing to show off your perfectly cooked wings, and if that sounds good, you're going to love this raspberry and balsamic chicken wing recipe from Budget Bytes. You don't have to wait until berry season, either, as that raspberry goodness comes from jam — which also means you can switch up the flavors! The Cafe Surce Farine goes the jam route, too, for their strawberry balsamic wings, but you're going to have to think ahead to brine these wings in jam, soy sauce, and Sriracha for a few hours before you cook them.

And if you just want to get back to basics, Delish has just what you're looking for. Their balsamic-based recipe calls for just Italian seasoning, garlic, salt, and pepper, which might be the perfect recipe for the most dedicated chicken-lover.

Garlic parmesan

Head up to Buffalo, New York — chicken wing capital of the world — and you'll find garlic Parmesan wings on most menus. If you're outside this wing mecca, you might never have thought about putting this heavenly duo together. For tips on how to get this one right 100 percent of the time, just head over to Butter Your Biscuit for a peek at their garlic Parm wing recipe.

You don't need to get that wonderful flavor just in the wings themselves, either. Mommy Mouse Clubhouse has a recipe for a garlic Parmesan dipping sauce that's just as good for fries as it is for wings, and might end up being one of your go-to sides.


Can't decide between ordering out for Chinese or for wings? Cook at home, and blend the two with some Asian-inspired flavors. Let's start with China, and check in with Carlsbad Cravings for some sticky wings made with a sauce of Chinese 5 Spice, soy, and balsamic. Family Fresh Meals has a similar idea — without the Chinese 5 Spice — and if you're looking for something with an extra bit of sweetness, how about some Asian barbecue wings from A Family Feast? They use their very own recipe for an Asian barbecue sauce that makes these wings look as amazing as they taste.

We'd also like you to head over to Vietnam — and to Rasa Malaysiafor these Pok Pok Wings. The serving sizes are for appetizers, but you can definitely expand this one to make these fish sauce wings into a main course. They'll go fast!