The Real Reason People Are Furious About The Pioneer Woman's Christmas Special

Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman has undoubtedly made her presence felt in the culinary world with her recipes that are easy to recreate. Not only has the star maintained a blog and written plenty of cookbooks over the years, she has also come up with her own TV show and worked on a boutique hotel with her husband (via PopSugar).

Drummond also has a few Christmas traditions that she likes to follow when the holiday season rolls around. For instance, she makes it a point to watch a Christmas film every year with her family and also turns to an old cherished Christmas recipe, which is her mother's red and green glazed sugar cookies (via Taste of Home.) To add to her list of traditions in 2020, Drummond has decided to release a Christmas special challenge that she's judging this year. Unfortunately, it's not getting great feedback from some viewers. Read on to know why some fans are a bit miffed.

They're disappointed with the lack of diversity

A viewer of Drummond's show posted on Reddit that they were disillusioned about the lack of diversity on her show's Christmas special. They wrote, "I've been watching the Christmas cookie challenge for years now. I find myself getting really annoyed about the lack of inclusion of other cultures. When bakers try to include their cultures, they're always met with an 'Oh, [it] isn't that interesting...... I would've preferred' or 'I would have used more red or green.'"

Other commentators agreed with this point of view. One of them wrote that if the producers simply wanted to stick to Drummond's restricted point of view, it would have made more sense to film a Christmas special inside her house rather than asking Drummond to serve as a judge for a challenge that calls for diversity and inclusion. They wrote, "She just doesn't have an open enough view for it."