Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Over This Festive Christmas Gnocchi

Looking to treat yourself to a special holiday dinner without having to shell out tons of money or spend hours on meal prep? Aldi's got you covered with this Christmas gnocchi, a festive take on the hearty Italian staple. Instagrammer recently posted this holiday find, saying, "Christmas Gnocchi... These are too freakin' cute and sound tasty as heck. I'm keepin' these bad boys in the freezer until Christmas Eve. We will probably toss in marinara with a ton cheese melted on top." 

Not a fan of tomato-based sauces? You can also take the creamy cheese sauce route. The package recommends serving the festive gnocchi in a gorgonzola cheese sauce and topping it with Parmesan — because if some cheese is good, then all the cheese is better. "Are you a fan of the sweet little puffs of potato?" asks followers. The rave reviews in the comments answer the question with a resounding yes.

This holiday Aldi product is tried and true

A 26.45 ounce bag of these gnocchi costs $3.99, according to fellow Aldi fan Instagram account @theamazingaldi, who highlighted this gnocchi as a great holiday dinner option for families, tagging it #easydinners, #funfoods, #christmasfoods, and #foodforkids. 

What's inside the bag? The review on The Kitchn explains, "First of all, the shapes are perfection. They actually come out of the bag looking like stars and trees, which is no small feat in the foods-shaped-like-other-things department... If Buddy the Elf ordered a plate of gnocchi for dinner, this is what he'd want." As for the flavor, the review adds, "The spinach trees are subtle-tasting, but if blindfolded I could identify them — in a good way! The stars are standard gnocchi. And both options crisp up nicely." The final verdict? "I want to eat these again. And again."

Each bag of Priano Christmas Gnocchi comes with five servings — that's just 80 cents each! Check your local Aldi soon before the end of the holiday season.