The Untold Truth Of Barrie House Coffee Roasters

A cup of good-quality coffee can quite literally make your day — especially if you manage to get your hands on coffee beans from a reputable brand like Barrie House Coffee Roasters. This company has been around for quite a long time, being first founded in 1934, and have since managed to evolve and earn a spot as one of the most respected coffee brands in the country.

According to the official website, the family business took off from their garage where they worked on packaging coffee beans to several eateries and hotels across New York. As a description on the site puts it, its coffee beans are a crucial part of the family's legacy. "Like all great family secrets, the art of roasting our specialty coffee has been passed down from one generation to the next," the description reads. "For over 80 years, we have carefully selected, blended, roasted, and packed what we believe is the world's finest coffee." But what else is there know about this coffee brand?

Barrie House focuses on quality and fair trade and rarely shies away from change

Ever since its inception, the founders of Barrie House Coffee Roasters say that the quality of the products come before everything else. Furthermore, the company has been a part of the Fair Trade Organization since 2011 (via Newswire). In 2017, the company's former CEO, David Goldstein, said, "We depend on the finest quality of green coffee to make our products. Participating in the broader movement of appreciating and understanding where our coffee comes from and how it's made, is very meaningful to us."

The company has not shied away from change either. For example, this year, Barrie House Coffee Roasters decided to rebrand its packaging and brand identity while teaming up with esteemed homemaker and chef Martha Stewart for a co-branded coffee line (via AP). Impressively, Barrie House is now considered one of the top ten fair-trade coffee roasters across the country. Who's craving some extra strong (and extra thoughtful) coffee?