These Are Nigella Lawson's Favorite Kitchen Tools

As a seasoned author of bestselling cookbooks and hundreds of column inches devoted to food and with more than a few hit television shows to her name, Nigella Lawson has earned a title she bestowed on one of her early books: "domestic goddess." But it would still be an understatement to call her one. Her approachable style of prepping what we might have thought of as complicated meals has made her shows not just watchable but addictive. 

In her latest show, Cook, Eat, Repeat, Lawson describes the kitchen as "a sanctuary and a pleasure palace" (via YouTube), and those of us who enjoy cooking as much as we enjoy watching cooking shows can only be envious of Lawson's ability to acquire the cooking gadgets of her choice. But Lawson's favorite gadgets aren't just uncomplicated; they are fairly easy to acquire, particularly if you're always on the lookout for a good bargain. Here are a few of them.

Lawson favors a particular brand of cookware

Nigella Lawson has a go-to for her cookware, and it's a brand both her fans and kitchen veterans will recognize. In 2018, she told the New York Post, "I have a particular fondness for Le Creuset enameled cast-iron cookware. It's certainly heavy, and I keep mine on open shelves at easily reachable level. It not only conducts heat so well, but it also seems to get more flavor out of the food."

Her heavy metal cookware rocks both because of how well it cooks and how easily it can be cleaned. Lawson said she does a lot of slow cooking. Yet no matter how burnt the inside of her cookware seems to be, she can remove the mess with a simple soaking. But she likes her Le Creuset cookware not only for its function but for its form. She is partial to the brand's signature "Volcanique" orange color, calling it a "bold neutral." The Kitchn notes that the color is known as "Flame" in the US.

Earlier this year, Le Creuset held its first online factory-to-table sale, cutting the prices of select items in half. If another rolls around, maybe you can buy your own fiery orange cookware.

Lawson is partial to certain kitchen sharps

If you're terrified of sharp objects, this may be a section you want to skip. No cook is happy without a good kitchen knife, and Nigella Lawson recently set off a storm among fans when she appeared on Cook, Eat, Repeat with a leopard print knife. She addressed queries on her Twitter account, saying: "A short thread to answer some queries after yesterday's episode of #CookEatRepeat. So many of you asked about the leopard-print knife! I bought it years ago (from the Cook Shop in Burford) but I think it's made KuhnRikonUK. Sadly no longer available. Perhaps they'll bring it back!"

Another favorite is her chef's knife. "I love the feel of a Füri knife in my hand: it's comfortable and secure and has just enough heft, but is still light and easy to wield. They are also very beautiful to look at — I keep my collection on magnetic strips out on the wall," she told the New York Post.

Then there are her specialty sharps. Lawson once told The Wall Street Journal that she cannot live without a fine Microplane grater and a mezzaluna. "I use the Microplane for ginger, lemon zest, and garlic... I'm very clumsy when I cook, but with the curved blade of a mezzaluna, it always looks kind of showy." Clearly, she has a sharp eye for quality and aesthetics.