You've Been Baking Sugar Cookies All Wrong

Ah, cookies. Those little bites of heaven that you simply can't get enough of. It's nearly impossible to have a cookie and not reach out for another one, and if you're one who likes to bake your batches from scratch, there are several hacks that promise to produce excellent results. For example, popping your cookie dough in the refrigerator can work wonders for your batch of cookies (via Sally's Baking Addiction). 

Another useful trick? Adding melted butter to your cookie recipe. A Reddit user believes that this hack has completely transformed their chocolate chip cookies and made things a lot more delicious. They wrote, "Brown your butter and add it melted – this changed my entire chocolate chip cookie game. You use melted butter and then chill the dough." Yum. What about when it comes to sugar cookies though? Well, there happens to be a certain technique that really helps when you're baking this kind of cookie, too. Read on for all the details.

Baking your sugar cookies for too long can be a big mistake

As an article by Kitchn points out, while it's usually recommended that you bake your cookies until they're golden brown, you should avoid this if you're working on a scrumptious batch of sugar cookies. In fact, if you end up baking them for that long, you'll be doing yourself a disservice and will be biting into hard cookies that are crispy instead of being chewy. A major mistake for these particular desserts.

Basically, the best trick is to remove your batch of cookies from the oven once you notice that they've got a bit of color. You'll see that they're a bit crackled in the middle. Another good piece of advice before the oven comes into play? Don't overdo it when it comes to your cookie dough. Mix those ingredients until they're just incorporated and resist the temptation to continue mixing. Doing so could leave you with hard cookies instead of soft, delicious ones. Happy baking!