The Five Guys Secret Menu Item That People Are Most Excited To Try

The funny thing about "secret" fast food menu items is that, well, they aren't actually that secret once they're unleashed upon the internet. And please, folks, employees would often prefer you to tell them what's in the secret menu item when you order it. There's enough for fast food workers to keep track of without you coming in and demanding a "Presidential Burger" and expecting them to somehow know the recipe. But that doesn't mean you can't stroll into Five Guys, the much-loved burger chain, and feel ultra-cool by ordering off-menu.

A number of menu "hacks" are totally doable with the ingredients Five Guys kitchens have on hand. Employees can whip you up a patty melt, a double grilled cheese burger, or a Sloppy Joe. They can top your fries with nacho cheese or even put together a jalapeno popper sandwich. But which menu items are the people most excited about? We decided to find out. Mashed conducted a survey of 656 people and asked them which secret menu item at Five Guys they've always wanted to try. The results might surprise you.

People are hyped about Five Guys' secret nacho fries

First, the low scorers. Not as many people were excited about Five Guys' secret Sloppy Joe, with 10.98% of the vote, or a patty melt with 14.02%. It's not strictly science, but we'd hazard a guess that it's because you can get these classic sandwiches at any old lunch spot, rather than chance ordering them off the secret menu at Five Guys. But while the Five Guys patty melt is pretty much what you'd expect — a burger inside a Texas toast grilled cheese, per Insider — it turns out the Sloppy Joe is anything but. Instead, it's a hamburger topped with grilled green peppers, grilled onions, ketchup, and barbecue sauce — none of that soupy ground beef you'd expect (via Wide Open Eats).

The top choices, however, are a little more unexpected. The runner up was a double grilled cheeseburger, with 24.09% of the vote. This king of all sandwiches is a cheeseburger between two whole grilled cheeses. This thing is loaded and, apparently, very delicious. But the number-one choice? Five Guys' nacho fries, boasting 25.46% of the vote. As you're likely guessing, these are the chain's famous double-fried fries served in a foil container, topped with gooey nacho cheese and any other ingredients of your choice — such as sliced jalapenos or crumbled bacon, for example. Your arteries probably won't thank you, but your mouth might. 

How to order Five Guys nacho fries and other secret items

While people are most excited to try the nacho fries from Five Guys, it looks like they could be hard to come by at most locations, according to Hack the Menu. Apparently, just a few stores are willing to serve them up for cheese lovers. However, anyone lucky enough to try the nacho fries can typically get them for 50 cents extra or sometimes for free, per Fast Food Menu Prices — just ask for melted cheese on top of your normal fries order. As explained on Reddit, you may want to ask for your fries well done, as this will create an "extra crispy" base layer for the cheese. Adding bacon, chopped tomato, or even Cajun seasoning doesn't hurt either, Redditors say.

To try the double grilled cheese burger from Five Guys, on the other hand, try ordering two grilled cheeses and asking for a burger patty (or two, plus toppings) in between the sandwiches. While pricing and availability will depend on location, the item will usually set you back about $3.49 for each grilled cheese and an extra $1.80 for each patty.

As for the patty melt, that can be ordered by asking for a single grilled cheese sandwich with a burger patty and whatever ingredients you'd like in the middle, while Five Guys' take on a Sloppy Joe can be ordered by requesting your normal burger to be topped with grilled onions, grilled green peppers, ketchup, and barbecue sauce.

Lesser known secret menu items from Five Guys

Other Five Guys secret menu items are more obscure, such as the jalapeno popper sandwich: a grilled cheese with jalapenos, extra cheese, and bacon, reports Enjoy Orange County. Anyone following a keto or other low-carb diet, meanwhile, may want to try ordering a burger bowl, which is a cooked patty with cheese and other toppings, all placed in a container and eaten with a fork.

Feeling as hungry as a world leader? The Presidential Burger is allegedly what former United States President Barack Obama orders, and it's a normal cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, mustard, jalapenos, and tomato. Other ravenous orderers can request the "Artery Annihilator," which is, naturally, a cheeseburger containing both bacon and a sliced hot dog. Of course, not all locations will be able to make secret menu items, so come prepared with a backup order just in case.