Aldi Just Brought Back These Popular German Cookies

All we can is that you'd better hurry up. At the time of this writing, it's been two days since Aldi announced the return of its German Christmas cookies via Instagram, and the supermarket chain's 660,000 followers are collectively licking their fingers. Because they know. Year after year, the Twitterverse fills up love letters, all-caps celebrations, and memes about how irresistible Aldi's German Christmas cookies are.

This year's line up includes Aldi's Wafer Assortment, Cinnamon Star Cookies (star-shaped hazelnut and almond cinnamon cookies with icing), Almond Spekulatius, Spekulatius Spiced Cookies, Erdnussberge (peanut clusters with milk and dark chocolate), Oblatenlebkuchen, and Edelmarzipan. Can't find them at your local Aldi? Ping the grocery chain on Instagram. Aldi's Instagram elves have been giving frantic customers location tips for the last 48 hours. If, for example, you live near Pinellas County, Fl, as of Thursday, December 17, "there were plenty in stock at 6700 66th Street." No guarantees today. Because, to quote one excited Instagram fan, "I've got three bags down the hatch already."

Proof that Aldi's German Christmas cookies are worth it

When Food and Wine tasted Aldi's German Christmas cookie assortment in 2017, their "expectations were low." The website's taste testers were particularly impressed with Aldi's Almond Spekulatius, which they described as a "buttery, spicy shortbread, bragging a thin layer of sliced almonds, baked in at the bottom." The wafers had had " a surprisingly pleasant, clove-y aftertaste," and were "all around, a winner." The news source was also impressed with Aldi's Cinnamon Star Cookies. "These aren't exactly traditional," the review noted, "but everyone found them to be exceedingly pleasant to eat—chewy, not dry in the slightest, full of flavor."

It's not just Food and Wine. In fact, it's hard not to find a glowing review of the chain's German cookie assortment. "I grew up with lots and lots of German chocolates and cookies during the holidays," wrote one customer on Twitter. "Seeing as tho Aldi's sells these during Christmas really makes me happy and brings me back to my childhood." Another swears by their "Lebkuchen!," writing on Instagram that "Aldi has the best you can buy here in the States." And, just in case you needed more of a push to try sinking your teeth into one of Aldi's Oblatenlebkuchen, HuffPost reports that lebkuchen were once so coveted in Nuremberg, Germany, that they became a from currency. Which means that while money may not grow on trees, it can come out of German Christmas cookie batter.