Popular Christmas cookies, ranked worst to best

A ranking of Christmas cookies from worst to best assumes that there are "bad" cookies out there, which, in my opinion, isn't the case (with the exception of fruitcake cookies — more on that later). But there are "less good" cookies, for sure. Cookies with ingredients that just don't belong in desserts, like raisins and coconut. Or cookies that really just make you wish you were drinking a cocktail instead, like rum balls. For the most part though, I'm an equal opportunity cookie eater, especially during the holidays when the seasonal treats come out to play.

Here's what I would grab off the cookie platter, from last to first.

15. Fruitcake cookies

At some point someone thought, "Hey, this fruitcake isn't flying off the shelf but I bet fruitcake cookies will!" That person was wrong. Nobody wants your technicolor fruitcake and likewise, nobody wants your fruitcake cookies. And no, not even when they're soaked in rum. Sorry.

14. Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

Allow me to teach you the proper way to eat a chocolate dipped coconut macaroon: 

Step 1. Lick chocolate off macaroon. 

Step 2. Throw remaining cookie in trash can.

13. Oatmeal raisin cookies

Raisins ruin things, including oatmeal raisin cookies. The end.

12. Thumbprint jam cookies

Don't get me wrong, I like jam. I just take exception to jam combined with cookies. I prefer my cookies combined with peanut butter or chocolate, and my jam combined with toast.

11. Rum balls

This no-bake boozy Christmas classic is basically a way to consume rum in cookie form. But here's the thing — a hot buttered rum cocktail is another (some might argue better) way to consume rum.

10. Sugar cookies

The thing about sugar cookies is this: There is nothing wrong with a standard sugar cookie. They contain no weird ingredients (ahem, no raisins), and they're perfectly fine treats that belong on a holiday cookie platter. However, the minute you try to fancy them up with royal icing, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly your perfectly fine treats have turned into a Pinterest fail and you won't be able to give them away. Remember: Plain sugar cookies deserve love too. The chances of your decorated masterpieces turning out like the photo above are slim to none.

9. Persimmon cookies

You know it's persimmon season when neighbors try to pawn boxes full of fruit off on you. But if you have really nice neighbors, they'll turn those persimmons into cookies first. The best kind of cookies are the cookies you don't have to make yourself, am I right?

8. Snickerdoodles

Like sugar cookies only better because they're soft and chewy, and coated with cinnamon and sugar. On second thought, that makes them way better than sugar cookies. Plus, no disappointing decorating required.

7. Peanut butter cookies

In a cookie ranking from January to November, regular ol' peanut butter cookies would be firmly in spot number two. During the holidays though, I've got to make room for some of the seasonal options.

6. Danish butter cookies

Nothing says Christmas quite like that iconic blue tin of Danish butter cookies. And even though every cookie in that tin is made with the same ingredients, we still have our favorite. Raise your hand if you always go for the one sprinkled with sugar crystals. Me, too.

Helpful hint for the baking challenged: Do everyone a favor and buy these buttery treats for your cookie exchange. You'll avoid that awkward situation where you find your homemade creations in the office trash can later.

5. Chocolate crinkles

As the only all-chocolate cookie on this list, it's hard not to rank crinkles number one. Can there be a five way tie? Just look at that gorgeous powdered sugar coating giving you a peek at the fudgy heaven you're about to bite into.

4. Pecan snowballs

Disclaimer: Pecan snowballs have to be made just right to be this high on the list. I'm talking about those cookies that practically dissolve the moment you put them in your mouth. They're like air in cookie form, if air was made of confectioner's sugar and pecans. Those other snowballs? The ones you could use as a door stop? No thank you.

3. Peanut butter blossoms

For some sad reason, these cookies only pop up during the holidays. Fluffy peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss pressed in the middle should be celebrated year-round, if you ask me.

2. Gingerbread cookies

A soft, chewy gingerbread cookie full of molasses and spice sits high on the "best of" list. A rock-hard, no-molasses poor imitation of a gingerbread cookie is right up there with that fruitcake cookie debacle. I will take my gingerbread as-is, no icing please. And certainly not in house form.

1. Chocolate chip cookies

Christmas or not, a good chocolate chip cookie is king, and something tells me Santa would agree. Slightly crisp around the edges, a little chewy in the middle — it's perfection in cookie form. My love for still warm chocolate chip cookies has caused more than one serious tongue burn, but that's a small price to pay for all that melty goodness — and nothing a cold glass of milk can't fix.