Inside Rachael Ray And Regis Philbin's Friendship

Celebrity cook Rachael Ray had a great relationship with television presenter Regis Philbin, who passed away in July this year from natural causes (via People). Looking back on his life and career, Ray tweeted a tribute to her longtime pal. She wrote, "And then, there was Regis. @regis was and remains a forerunner, a singular talent and probably the most hours of television under a belt in any lifetime. Most importantly he was a loyal, caring and giving human being. I will miss him as much as I loved him."

Ray and Philbin were not only really good friends; they also worked together, most notably on Ray's show. Philbin served as an occasional co-host onscreen with Rachael Ray, much to the delight of fans. The two remained solid friends throughout and shared incredible chemistry when they were on the air together (via USA Today). Here are more details on the duo's moving friendship.

A recipe for friendship

Back in 2012, Philbin spoke about joining Ray for recurring segments on The Rachael Ray Show and said, "I like her a lot. I've done her show a number of times. She has followed my show here in New York at 10. She has become a friend" (via USA Today). He added that he and his wife, Joy, knew the host and her husband, John, well and had visited each other at their respective homes. He said of Ray, "She's a little dynamo."

Ray felt the same way and was very excited to have Philbin on her show. She said, "It'll be a blast having him on the team." According to The Inquistr, Ray and Philbin created enjoyable moments together, and the latter was always ready to try stuff such as pitching a tent, playing charades, just plain goofing off, and getting better at his cooking skills with Ray by his side.