Don't Serve Fried Green Tomatoes Without One Of These Side Dishes

Fried green tomatoes are a staple among southern foods. For those who haven't tried the classic dish, it is similar to fried pickles, but the flavor is actually milder (via Insanely Good Recipes). Green tomatoes are just regular tomatoes that have been picked early, so they haven't completely ripened yet. Their somewhat sour flavor is perfectly married to the tangy and crisp breading that they are coated in before being fried, too.

While you could probably eat an entire stack of fried green tomatoes with nothing more than a remoulade to dip them in, it's nice to have a couple of other side dishes to serve with them (via Dinner Then Dessert). You might consider serving a heartier dish with them, and more southern classics are safe picks.

Fried chicken or fried catfish would go well with fried green tomatoes and they would add protein to the meal. Crab cakes are another delicious dish you could serve too. But if you want to keep the green tomatoes the center of attention, you should opt for something that is more clearly a side dish.

Consider these Southern dishes, too

Other southern side dishes that would pair well with fried green tomatoes include macaroni and cheese or cheese grits. The creamy, cheesy dishes might help to cut some of the acidity of the fried green tomatoes. Besides, it is nearly impossible not to love southern mac and cheese or cheese grits. Black-eyed peas, hush puppies, fried okra, or even biscuits would all be great sides for fried green tomatoes too (via Taste of Home).

Some even suggest replacing your ripe tomato with a slice or two of fried green tomato in a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. You could even replace the mayo on it with leftover remoulade sauce. It's a zesty substitute that adds more kick to a typical BLT sandwich.

No matter how you enjoy fried green tomatoes, they will be delicious. Just keep in mind flavors such as sweet, sour, and salty — as well as textures like crunchy and soft — when composing the entire meal (via Food Business News). It should help you find just the right sides you will love.