Is Burger King Open On Christmas Day 2020?

Cooking Christmas dinner isn't for everyone. Some people don't celebrate Christmas, some people don't cook, and many people work during this widely recognized holiday in the United States. Unlike other years – few people will be bringing around plates of leftovers or gathering at grandma's house to get a holiday meal. So if you're in the mood for a highly affordable and indulgent item, you might choose to get a Burger King Whopper as your Christmas treat instead. 

You should know, that many Burger King franchises will be have limited hours on Christmas Day (via Store Business Hours). Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and American Thanksgiving are listed as the only three days a year that these businesses adopt a different schedule. The Burger King corporate page does not list an official closure either. Burger King is even celebrating the holiday season with its Merry Fizzmas promotion so a Christmas burger is a great chance to win $25,000 or one of 1,500 available prizes. Just remember, you'll need to add a drink with that Whopper for gameplay.

Location matters for business openings

Maybe you will find that Burger Kings at 24/7 locations such as hospitals or airports are still open. You'll want to discover open Burger Kings in your local area by checking on a case by case basis, however. Most cities will have a local listing of open locations online, as Houston did last year (via KHOU), or you can check directly with the restaurant yourself. International Burger King franchises total over 18,000 worldwide and will vary open hours by area (via Statista). In fact, not all countries close down on December 25th, so it seems highly likely someone will be eating some Chicken Fries somewhere.

In 2020, location matters even more though, because while vaccines to the coronavirus have begun to roll out, virus widespread transmission has caused increased food service restrictions in many areas. Los Angeles residents might be limited to drive-thru burgers far sooner than Christmas as coronavirus restrictions have halted indoor and outdoor dining options recently (via CNN). Other areas may be open for full service until late on Christmas Eve – again, it's best to call and check.