Why People Can't Stand Working At Jack In The Box

Fast food restaurant chain Jack in the Box is an old, reputed name in the food industry. According to The Daily Meal, the brand was first created in 1941 and was known as Topsy's Drive-In, an eatery that had a vibrant ambience and a lively vibe. The restaurant's name was eventually changed to Oscar's and finally rechristened as Jack in the Box in 1951. Interestingly, when the brand first began its journey, its food offerings were limited to 15 products including burgers, fries, onion rings, tacos, ice cream, cola, soda, apple turnovers, and more. 

Now, the brand has managed to evolve to the point where there are considerably more food options available for you to try at one of its outlets. However, as delectable as the menu is here, working at the restaurant is a different story altogether. According to reviews by employees at the company, things could be much better. Wondering why? Read on for details.

The environment at Jack in the Box needs some major improvements

The company has an overall rating of 3.2 on Glassdoor, which isn't too impressive. For many employees at the fast food chain, the major issue seems to be the lack of support from management when working with difficult customers. A former employee wrote that while their crew members were nice to work with, they found it tough to get along with their manager who was largely impatient.

Another former employee who decided to leave their gig at Jack in the Box wrote a detailed Reddit post about their negative experience last year, pointing out that they were subjected to difficult customers who were rude and non cooperative and unhelpful managers who pressured them on their first day at work. Their experience at the chain was so bad that they decided to quit after just a week and a half on the job. Additionally, Jack in the Box has been the subject of several lawsuits accusing the restaurant for not adequately paying their employees for working overtime. It looks like the chain may need to rethink some of its practices.