Denny's Is Giving Away Free Pancakes On Christmas Eve

Jolly old Saint Nick may get tired of milk and cookies—they're delicious, but eating the same snack at every single home in the world that celebrates Christmas has got to get old after a while. Denny's has a solution: on Christmas Eve, the diner chain is giving away "free pancakes for Santa."

Every online order of $5 or more placed on Denny's website or on Denny's mobile app from participating locations comes with "a free stack for St. Nick (or you)." To get your free two-stack of pancakes, place your order on the 24th using the offer code SANTA (via Denny's).

The chain announced the promotion in a video featuring a press conference with "Gordon Pumpernickle, North Pole press secretary." The video shows an elf, standing at a podium that's much too large for him, reads out a brief statement from Santa Claus (via YouTube) on NPNN, which is presumably the #1-rated news network of the North Pole.

The official statment from the big guy

"Mommies. Daddies. Children of the world," St. Nick's statement reads (via MultiVu). "As I prepare for my much-anticipated trip around the globe, I'd like to make my first formal request: all I want for Christmas ... is PANCAKES!"

Santa goes on to throw his weight around, saying, "As you can imagine, I have a little pull this time of year, so I partnered with Denny's to make it easier for you to leave a short stack by the fire...I realize you may be tempted to devour them before my arrival, but if you can't help yourself – please remember, I control the naughty and nice list!" 

So if you want free pancakes, and you're not worried about the repercussions of stealing from Santa Claus, order from Denny's online this Thursday and enjoy your complimentary two-stack. Just don't be surprised the next morning if you end up with a lump of coal in your stocking.