This Is Meghan Markle's Favorite Holiday Drink

Before she became The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was known to be a major certified foodie and avid dinner party host. From cooking to decorating to everything in between, The Duchess of Sussex knew how to wow a crowd with her simple and delicious recipes. According to Today, Markle has always been outspoken about the kinds of foods she loves to eat as well as the kinds of culinary adventures she has been on throughout her life. 

She has gone on record admitting that she is a lover of crisp fish tacos, would never pass up on a chance to have a great pasta dish, and how french fries and wine are her two vices when it comes to food. Grazia highlighted just how in tune The Duchess of Sussex is when it comes to planning out a stellar dinner party – especially one for the holidays. In the report, the former Suits actress shares simple hacks that will delight guests: from simple decorative features to enticing recipes. One such recipe is her Almond Milk Spiced Holiday Cocktail.

Her holiday drink is the perfect complement to her chic holiday decor

According to Grazia, The Duchess of Sussex is the eternal hostess with the mostest. While normally things like eggnog and coquito (Puerto Rico's take on eggnog without the eggs) take center stage at most holiday parties during Christmastime, Markle's recipe adds a little something special as it follows her philosophy of delicious food that's also good for you. While there are some folks that are unable to fully enjoy eggnog and coquito because of the dairy that is required for both recipes, her recipe is vegan-friendly so those with dairy allergies can safely enjoy it as well (via She Knows). 

To make her recipe all you will need is unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, powdered ginger, clove, dates, your choice of bourbon, and a cinnamon garnish. The Duchess of Sussex explains that there are two ways to enjoy her festive cocktail, either hot or cold, so it's left to you to decided which you'd prefer. Along with this recipe, Markle also shared with Grazia simple tips on how to add special touches to your dinner table (she likes to keep things minimal and crisp). The Duchess of Sussex revealed the recipe for her favorite side dish – her maple-glazed potato wedges. This recipe calls for sweet potatoes, lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Markle says that these mouthwatering wedges are a crowd favorite.