Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy KFC's Fried Chicken-Scented Firelog

In 2018, KFC announced the release of their first ever limited-edition 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, which was guaranteed to make your home smell like the inside of a KFC. The log was such a hit that they've brought it back three years in a row, and this year they've decided to expand the holiday tradition even further. The log will now be sold in Canada as well as the U.S., and it is eligible for in-store purchase for the first time.

According to KFC, the log, which is developed in conjunction with Enviro-Log, is "designed to make your home smell like fried chicken and feel as warm as an Extra Crispy drumstick," via Business Insider. And it seems like this year, more people than ever are craving the cozy comfort that KFC's chicken-scented fire provides. Enviro-Log founder Ross McRoy told ComicBook, "The customer demand and excitement for the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog has gotten bigger each year. We at Enviro-Log are proud to once again partner with KFC and Walmart to create and distribute a product fans are ravenous for this holiday season — just don't try to eat it!"

KFC's firelog is now available for just $9.88

Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's chief marketer, added (via ComicBook), "For the past two years we have warmed the hearts and homes of our fried-chicken fans during the holiday season with our 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog. Although this year may look different, we hope that by expanding our exclusive partnership with Enviro-Log and Walmart, people can once again grab a fried-chicken scented firelog, order a bucket of chicken from KFC, and savor the tastes, smells and warmth of what has become our favorite holiday tradition."

According to Business Insider, KFC's firelog has sold out the last two years, but if you've procrastinated this year, you're in luck. Not only is the KFC-scented log still available for purchase at Walmart's website, they have just slashed the price by 50 percent. Now, for just $9.88, you can partake in the holiday tradition of making your living room smell like a bucket of your favorite fried chicken. The log is eligible for in-store pick-up, so there is still time to get your hands on one before Christmas, making now the perfect time to fill your home with chicken-scented cheer.