What You Need To Know About KFC's Fried Chicken-Scented Firelog

The holidays are here and that means people are going to be getting cozy by a warm, crackling fire as the smell of firewood fried chicken fills the air. That's right, fried chicken. KFC wants to be a part of making your holidays as merry as possible and they aim to do that by filling your house with the smell of Colonel Sanders' fried chicken – even if there's not a drumstick in sight. 

Let us introduce you to the KFC fried chicken firelog. The first of its kind — as far as we can tell — firelog that's mean to heat up your hearth and fill your home with a chicken scent. Genius? Super weird? Perhaps a bit of both, but here's what you need to know about it.  

You burn the KFC fried chicken log — you don't eat it

The KFC firelog made its debut last year and if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one then you already know this log is for burning and not eating. The logs, which can be burned in both indoor fireplaces and woodstoves as well as outdoor firepits, were made by Enviro-Log. But while the logs may smell like the 11 herbs and spices that make KFC's fried chicken so delicious, that's where their similarity to fried chicken ends. 

As for how KFC and Enviro-Log got the logs to convincingly smell like fried chicken, we don't know — it seems that they're keeping the lid on that secret recipe just like they do their famous spice blend. We do know, however, that actual fried chicken wasn't part of the equation. Per KFC's website, the logs have an estimated burn time of two and a half to three hours, and are made from recycled waxed cardboard. Perhaps they used some old KFC chicken buckets?

The KFC logs probably won't be around long

If you want your fireplace to be smelling like KFC this Christmas, then you better grab one while you can. Reports from last year indicate that the logs sold out within hours, and the firelogs are now once again available on a while supplies last basis. The KFC logs retail for $18.99 and are available only available through purchase on Walmart's website. On the plus side, you do get free shipping (via USA Today).

While not everybody is going to want their home to smell like fried chicken, these logs could make for a finger-lickin' good secret Santa gift at your office holiday party.