What You Can Do To Make Whipped Cream Without An Electric Mixer

That can of Reddi-Wip might be quick and convenient, but if you really want to take your desserts or drinks to the next level, there is something about homemade whipped cream that just hits different. Light, fluffy, and tangy, it is the perfect topping for a slice of pumpkin pie or a steaming mug of hot cocoa. It is not difficult to (literally) whip up at home, either, as it requires just one ingredient: heavy cream.

The best — and easiest — way to make homemade whipped cream is with an electric mixer or stand mixer, as it whips the cream quickly and incorporates the right amount of air for the perfect fluffy texture. However, if you do not have a mixer, no worries. You can make a batch of just-as-good whipped cream by hand. It might take a little bit longer, but trust us when we say the final product will be well worth it (and much better than what you would buy at the store).

You'll just need a whisk or a fork

No mixer? No problem! According to PopSugar, you can use a whisk or fork instead to whip your cream. A whisk is ideal — especially a balloon whisk — since it is larger and can beat the cream quicker, but a fork will also do. If you are using a fork, PopSugar points out that it folds in less air so it may take a bit longer for those coveted peaks to form while you are whipping.

While you should always chill your cream before whipping it, The Kitchn also recommends chilling your bowl and whisk or fork if you are making it by hand. This is because when the cream is cold, the fat globules hold up better and do not collapse, so your whipped cream stays light and fluffy instead of runny. Bon Appetit also suggests tossing your bowl and fork or whisk in the freezer for 10 minutes before making your whipped cream. Once your mixture has achieved the right consistency, it's yours to enjoy!