Why Ina Garten Hasn't Watched An Episode Of Barefoot Contessa

Iconic chef Ina Garten has inspired many chefs thanks to her sheer dedication to her craft and her incredible culinary talent. According to Good Housekeeping, Garten has always been very particular in terms of getting things done. For example, when she was a kid, she would pay attention to the details in her science classes and measured everything perfectly which is something she continued later in life as a chef, never skimping on the details.

This perfectionism that she garners seems to have translated into other parts of her life now, too, including how she approaches her television show. Even though the chef is a pro presenter — mastering the ability to cook and entertain while also being filmed — and has a large and diverse fan base, she can't stand watching her shows once they're live. Here's exactly why you won't catch the Barefoot Contessa viewing her own program.

Ina Garten finds filming to be a terrifying experience

It turns out that Ina Garten finds filming rather terrifying. It both scares her and intimidates her. She explained to Food Network that if she were to watch herself cooking and presenting on TV, she'd find it hard to replicate the process. "Filming is still the most frightening thing I've done. It's just sheer terror. I haven't gotten used to it yet," she said, also adding that she probably wouldn't be able to film again if she saw a show. We beg to differ. After 17 years of creating episodes, it's clear that it has been a successful endeavor.

That being said, Garten has watched a few editorial clips from the show, albeit begrudgingly we assume (via Cheatsheet). But, who can blame her? Many of us don't enjoy listening to the sound of our own voices when we play a recording, and watching yourself on camera certainly adds a whole new layer. But all said and done, Garten does seem like she's a natural on The Barefoot Contessa, sharing her delicious recipes with all of us.